There’s life outside politics

Lameck Mangani says he has been on the political bench for some time and he has now decided to enter the pitch.

Launching his bid to recontest the seat which he held from 2006 to 2011, Mangani said he has decided to aspire for the Chipata Central Constituency seat following numerous calls from people.

Which people are calling him to come back and be member of parliament for Chipata? It is himself calling on himself.

Why would the people of Chipata recall Mangani from the political cemetery to come and represent them in parliament? Is he telling us there are no good enough candidates among the living for the people to go and resurrect him from the political graveyard?

And what outstanding performance did Mangani put up as member of parliament to deserve being recalled?

Mangani’s comeback is certainly not being driven by public spirit but by financial difficulties. He is behaving like a broke retired old boxer who comes back to the ring – risking his life – to just come and make some quick bucks. Kapena njala yamunyokola! It’s understandable in these very difficult times we live in. But why not just tell the truth? Does he think the people of Chipata can’t see through it?

Everything has got a time. Mangani had his time. This is time for others also to lead.

Even if Mangani is brought back what is it that he is going to do that he didn’t when he was member of parliament?

There’s life outside politics. Let Mangani look after himself outside politics. Yes, he can comment on the political processes of the country but not necessarily to be a councillor or parliamentary candidate.

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