BREBNER Changala has charged that the PF is a tribal, criminal organisation.

He is shocked that despite that fact, no one from the UPND has challenged the PF.

Changala, a good governance activist, criticised President Edgar Lungu’s recent appointments of permanent secretaries predominately from Northern and Eastern provinces, to the exclusion of those from other provinces.

“Ordinary northerners and easterners are now following the President’s hatred of other tribes,” Changala said in an interview. “As far as the President is concerned, the only people who can rise in positions of influence are the northerners and easterners. Anybody else is a suspect!”

He continued: “I was looking at the list of judges that Edgar is sending to the Constitutional Court…”

“Just after the blunder of appointing permanent secretaries from two regions of the country, he has blundered again. I’m trying to go to court and see whether the court can realign this President who has gone out of alignment. It’s like front tyres are looking inside…” he charged. “This is the only time I have realised that I’m Bemba and it’s because of this Edgar Chagwa Lungu. We don’t have the mechanism to sit him down, especially you journalists. You should have found time to tie him to a chair until he answers some pertinent questions. Even Jesus used to answer questions when confronted!”

Changala added that the tribal groupings President Lungu is favouring should reject his manoeuvres.

He regretted the lack of a strong mechanism among Zambians – journalists included – to curtail Lungu’s passion for tribalism.

“In this country, it’s only the northerners and easterners who can form political parties. Anybody from elsewhere is tribal!” Changala said.

“I must be frank with you, as Zambian journalists you are handicapped. We are basically remaining with one political party in this country and that’s UPND.”

He noted that the PF rank and file is unjustifiably inclined to northerners and easterners.

“PF is a tribal organisation; the president (Lungu), the secretary general (Davies Mwila), the deputy secretary general (Mumbi Phiri), the media director (Sunday Chanda), the deputy media director (Antonio Mwanza), the national chairman (Samuel Mukupa), the deputy national chairman (Davies Chama), the national youth chairman (Kelvin Sampa) and name it – they are all either northerners or easterners,” he said. “Yet UPND, out of their ill behaviour, can’t even challenge PF on that score. But I’m calling PF as a tribal, criminal organisation and quote me that way!”

Changala added that: “we must thank the Tongas from independence; they were in the forefront to maintain peace.”

“In June 1973 Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula had to sign the Choma Declaration with Dr [Kenneth] Kaunda [at Choma Secondary School]. That’s how peaceful they are!” he noted. “They have allowed this country to function by a credible opposition and that’s how they were able to kill criminal documents like Bill 10 – which was going to allow Edgar Lungu to be President for life.”

Changala further pointed out the need for somebody to write a book about the resilience and tenacity of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

He said if Hichilema was a lesser man, Zambia could have slid into a one party State, by now.

“If UPND goes, that will be a recipe for a one party State. If UPND had to go today, we’ll slide into a one party State,” he cautioned. “Some of these other parties were formed to supplement the dictatorship of a tribal party called PF. The day UPND will die, this country will die with it, because that’s the only viable opposition.”

Changala said instead of demonising the UPND, “we must give them a pat on the back.”

“But beyond that, it is incumbent upon everybody, especially the born-free, to vote for UPND candidates at ward, parliamentary and most importantly at national level. I’m campaigning now…But I’m still a civil rights activist,” Changala said.

On current political polarisation in Zambia, Changala explained that society was like a home where trust ought to be built.

“You need to have a relationship, you need to interact. You need to be on talking terms. When all these things have broken down, you can be killed for committing no crime. That’s the state of affairs we find ourselves in,” Changala explained.

He added that the science of electing a government amongst people was well researched and properly managed elsewhere.

“When you are elected a leader by 14 million people, it’s because…Even in a home the husband is the head of the house. There must be authority for somebody to enforce the dos and the don’ts,” noted Changala. “When a leader is elected and chooses a section of citizens that he shall listen to and a section of citizens that are rejects, no matter how well meaning they are, that is how you create polarisation in a society.”

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