UPND-NDC CONFUSION NOT LIGHT …it’s a reflection of current deficit in Zambia’s political leadership – Chabala

THE Socialist Party has observed that divisions in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) are a result of greed and individualism.

Copperbelt Socialist Party treasurer Jeff Chabala says if the politicians were patriotic and selfless there would be no need for such division.

“The absence of ideological conscious and patriotism has given room to a very corrupt and shameful breed of political leaders who are full of greed, individualism, consumerism, competition which has given birth to high poverty levels, ignorance, starvation and high death rate in our country,” he said in a statement. “The confusion in NDC over an alliance with UPND should not be taken lightly as it is a true reflection of the current deficit in the Zambian political leadership. It shows how divided the nation is in terms of unity.”

Chabala said Luanshya has been neglected for a long time and promised to liberate people in the area once voted as member of parliament.

While sympathising with current Roan NDC member of parliament Joseph Chishala, Chabala called for change of the political system.

“There is need for selfless leaders that would not put their own interest but that of the suffering masses of the people. It is these same capitalist tendencies that have made our country lag behind in terms of development,” Chabala added. “Greedy individualism has been the standard of the current crop of leaders. We feel sorry for Hon Chishala, the current Roan MP, a young man who is now entangled between two old finished politicians, instead of concentrating on bringing the much-needed development in this forsaken constituency.”

He highlighted challenges the constituency has been facing for many years.

“See the once Garden City of Luanshya; no roads, no infrastructure and no hope for the women and youths. We, as a Socialist Party, have no time politicking but rather in a hurry to bring about the much-needed development in Roan,” he said. “The typical example is that of the bridge at Section One, the people need that bridge as it is a link to the CBD (central business district). We will build the bridge as soon as voted into power. We will also look at the plight of our youths to ensure they have an equal share in the black mountain that has been given to a foreign contractor.”

Chabala also outlined the party’s programme of empowerment for women and traders in general.

He said a Socialist Party government would give what he termed stress-free loans to small-scale traders.
“The marketeers are in constant debt because of the loans. We will redeem them by empowering them with stress-free revolving funds and a pick up at each market to help them in their activities as they order their goods. Why should an MP be preoccupied with internal politics at the expense of the poor masses?” asked Chabala. “Luanshya in general has been neglected for so long and it is slowly becoming a ghost city. I will work closely with the people of Roan in order to bring about social and economic projects that will benefit the whole constituency. Dr Fred M’membe and the Socialist Party will create jobs centred on three pillars such such as education, health and peasant agriculture.”

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