Kambwili treating NDC members as zombies, laments Sichula

NATIONAL Democratic Congress Copperbelt chairman George Sichula says “embattled” leader Chishimba Kambwili is treating members like zombies.

Sichula said NDC members attacking the UPND Alliance should stop speaking with food in their mouth.

Speaking at a media briefing at the UPND secretariat in Kitwe, Sichula, who was accompanied by several NDC Copperbelt executive members said the alliance was not for individuals.

“We are not here to defect, but to re-enforce the alliance which we stand in. As NDC provincial executive, we wish to reaffirm that we are in the alliance and behind our national leaders. We were made to believe in the alliance and we are now at 100 per cent. We believe that this alliance is working and will continue to work. The UPND came on board during the Roan by-elections, that was enough evidence. This alliance was not started by Hakainde Hichilema or Chishimba Kambwili, but the Zambian people,” Sichula said.

“People have talked about the alliance, so no one has the right to break the alliance. If you want to break it, go to the people of Zambia. How can one person go on TV and say we have come to the end? If you are tired of the alliance, please go it alone. We are in support of the alliance and it’s candidate Hakainde Hichilema who is incoming Head of State.”

Sichula explained that he was not suspended but was the provincial chairman.

“Leaders should let people decide on their own. If you want to go, go it alone. We have received calls asking on which side we are on. Let me tell you that we are on the side of the alliance. People are oppressed, unhappy, we are treated like zombies, who can’t think. People have a right to make decisions and should have a say. I am a member of Central Committee and I know the members of NDC, those people you saw [at Kambwili’s briefing in Luanshya] are not members. Meetings are held in Lusaka, now because in Lusaka they resisted, and he decided to have it in Luanshya, so he can gain fake numbers,” he said.

“We NDC on the Copperbelt, we need to be very sincere with ourselves. We are comfortable with the name UPND alliance. UPND is a brand which is easy to market. PF is going out to dish out money, but the alliance is going to tell the people the solutions to the problems. Those that want to aspire for positions, please apply in the UPND alliance. Don’t victimise citizens. People want change and the time is now.”

Sichula thanked NDC acting president Joseph Akafumba for standing on the side of the people over the UPND alliance.

He said Zambians can no longer trust the PF.

“We can’t trust the PF; they promised jobs, where are the jobs! Miners were promised money, but today, they are protesting; why? Because of the PF lies,” said Sichula.

And UPND Copperbelt chairman Elisha Matambo said the PF owe Zambians an explanation as to where they are getting money to dish out.

“Zambia is a failed state. Change of government is the solution to save the country from total collapse. So we can’t continue on this path as a country. The country is now upside down. We need to redeem this country from PF,” said Matambo.

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