Zambians tired of scandal laden PF govt – Mposha

MIKE Mposha says Zambians are tired of having a scandal-laden PF government.

He says the aspirations of Zambians are on the shoulders of the UPND leadership.

Mposha is the parliamentary hopeful for Munali Constituency, on the UPND ticket.

He spoke on a programme dubbed The Candidates on Millennium radio on Sunday night.

“People are failing to have three meals per day, people are failing to send their children to school and their only hope is the UPND government coming to resolve all this,” Mposha said. “People are tired of all these scandals where this government is even giving people defective condoms. I believe that the people of Zambia are agreeable that change is coming.”

He regretted the fact that the current government was a brutal one.

“People can’t express themselves freely. But come 12th August, the people of Zambia are going to show that they are not happy with the way things are moving,” he said. “What is happening now is that even a kaponya (street fellow) who didn’t have money a few years ago have high-rise buildings now. They can’t even account where that money has come from. This is why they are throwing money on the street.”

Mposha, a former Lusaka mayor, underscored that those in the UPND were ready to be brutalised by PF operatives, just to rescue Zambians from social and economic dejection.

“We are saying we are ready to be brutalised. Our people have already been killed because of crying for change of government. We have put our necks on the chopping board, to rescue the people of Zambia,” said Mposha. “I appeal to the people of Zambia, the people of Munali to tag with us, to rally behind us, so that they can see the benefits of putting a serious leadership in place.”

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