Number of political fools rising – Chanda

LUSAKA resident Kawimbe Chanda says if Chishimba Kambwili finally goes back to PF the number of what he termed political fools will rise.

According to information in public domain, Kambwili has resolved to return to the ruling party.

This has however not gone well with majority senior and ordinary members who have expelled him and have chosen to stick to the UPND Alliance.

Chanda described Kambwili’s pending return to PF as a childish act which was also committed by his colleagues.

“I said it that Kambwili is one of them. What can change now? Now that Kambwili wants to go back to PF, will he still be calling [President] Edgar [Lungu] and the PF ba pompwe (thieves)? Or he will be calling them angels and Edgar Lungu angel Gabriel?” he wondered. “Here in Zambia, we have a crop of politicians who are very childish and not trustworthy like Mwenya Musenge, GBM, and now waiting to see what Chishimba Kambwili is planning to do after being expelled from his party by his members. And if he goes back to PF then the number of political fools will rise to three and we are expecting many more fools to rejoin the PF. If us Zambians want leadership change in this country, let’s not look up to recycled politicians like Musenge, GBM, Chishimba Kambwili and all those that served in previous government and are still serving in the PF government.”

He said citizens were looking for leaders they could trust, not betrayers.

Chanda expressed anger that Kambwili and others were treating voters like useless objects.

“It’s worrying to see politicians behaving like prostitutes with no agenda for citizens, they just want to be voted for personal gain,” said Chanda.

“This country has young people with a bright future whose hope is in the hands of those that are ruling today. We are not your children to be treated as though we are at your mercy. Zambians are looking for people who they can trust with the responsibilities to take care of our resources, and not bosses.”

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