PF MONEY WORRIES PRIEST…huge sums given out but where’s this empowerment coming from – Fr Miti

CHIPATA Diocese judicial vicar Fr Evans Miti says so many things are not going straight in the country.

And Fr Miti says death penalty should be completely removed from the Constitution.

In his Lenten season homily delivered at St Anne’s Cathedral on Sunday, Fr Miti said another Lenten observant was almsgiving but that it was being abused.

“We need to give charity with dignity. When this hand gives, this other hand should not know. There are some people who take pride in mentioning what they have given. There are some individuals when they want to offer some almsgiving, which is a good gesture because the Catholic Church anchors on its social teaching for the option of the poor; the underprivileged and the marginalised in society, that’s what we believe in… It is during this time of lent that such kind of an act should be maximised by our Christians,” he said.

Fr Miti said it was unfortunate that some individuals always want to publicise when they give charity by putting it in the media.

“That is not the kind of charity that God is advocating for. I will not be afraid. I will still mention. These days we have seen people giving gifts freely under the guise of saying empowerment. Somebody giving a lot of money. And they give…no ‘we are a listening government, we are giving’, no!” he said. “So many things are not going straight…Huge sums of money, K300,000, K200,000, being given out yet our roads are not good, in the hospitals there are no medicines. This is the truth. Even when we are talking about the COVID-19, we don’t have even the ventilators yet money is given every day. Where is this kind of empowerment coming from in this election year? No, let’s first buy medicines in the hospitals, improve the roads. Even in Chipata here, our roads are not good but we are seeing money being given.”

Fr Miti said it was not yet time for elections or campaigns adding that there was need to be prudent with the little money that the country has and help the people.

“I know we have a responsible government but there are some individuals who are not very good. These monies should be put to the right use so that many people should benefit not only few individuals or marketeers in the name of empowerment. What we want is this money be put for the common good for everyone,” he said.

And Fr Miti said life was sacred and that it should be taken as such.

“I would like to appreciate once again all the presidents in Zambia even after the declaration in our Constitution that if a person kills another person they are supposed to be condemned and be killed, death penalty, this act is still there but it is not good. It is archaic and barbaric but no president enforced this kind of law to say a human being should be killed,” said Fr Miti. “I am sure you heard recently, his Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu commuted the sentences of some inmates who were on death roll to life imprisonment. This is a good gesture and we commend him and those listening tell him we are very happy about that; he is a God-fearing person who doesn’t want to see life just being lost simply because they committed crime. If it is possible let them repeal this bad act of killing people before the elections.”

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