South NDC backs UPND Alliance

LIVEN Apuleni say Southern Province NDC is in support of Josephs Akafumba and the UPND Alliance.

And NDC member of the central committee Paul Sensele has challenged Chishimba Kambwili to release the names of all 30 members of central committee he allegedly met in Luanshya to suspend Josephs Akafumba and four others.

Apuleni, who is Southern Province NDC chairperson, said the NDC in the province is united.

“We are firmly in support of our president Josephs Akafumba and the UPND Alliance. We will not be deterred by Mr Chishimba Kambwili. As far as we are concerned he is not our president,” said Apuleni.

And Sensele said he turned down an invitation by Kambwili to attend the Luanshya meeting which he described as being illegal.

“The man is full of lies. It is not true that 30 members of the central committee met to suspend our president and four others. Anyway how do you suspend a person who is not working with you? Mr Kambwili has no legal rights to call for a meeting under NDC as he is not a member of the party,” said Sensele. “As far as we are concerned he is a PF member. He was what you call a mole in the NDC. Anyway let him publish the names of those who attended the so-called meeting.”

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