We don’t want bloodshed, Hamusonde tells govt

WE don’t want bloodshed, use the police professionally to maintain peace and order, chief Hamusonde has told the PF government.

Reacting to the recent raid on UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s in-laws in Sibuyuni by police, Hamusonde of Monze west said he condemns any form of violence wherever it occurs.

“Don’t bring down your political opponents using the police, don’t slap them with offences they don’t deserve. What are you looking for? We don’t want bloodshed, please use the police professionally to maintain peace and order,” Hamusonde urged.

He noted that the police service has been infiltrated by political cadres.

Hamusonde said professional officers must be used to deal with political violence.

“Don’t use cadres in police uniforms. We don’t want bloodshed. Let’s avoid brutal killings, we need peace. I personally need peace. I will not condone anyone who violates the law, anyone who causes violence. I will also not condone anyone who deliberately blocks others from political participation,” said Hamusonde.

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