Zambia is in trouble – Nalumango

UPND vice-president Mutale Nalumango has asked what can be more sabotage than individuals in the government having more money than the government itself.

She says Zambia is in trouble, under the auspices of the PF.

Nalumango promises that a UPND government will contain wasteful expenditure.

She spoke on Beyond Headlines programme on KBN TV on Monday night.

“Things are expensive [and] Zambians are suffering because there is sabotage. What is sabotage? People have money [while] the treasury is broke! Individuals in government have a lot of money. What is more sabotage than that?” Nalumango said. “You have over-borrowed and the little that comes in you have pocketed… Zambia is in trouble! We are coming and one thing we are going to do is to stop this corruption. When you stop corruption, then you have projects done at the correct cost. We’ll stop wasteful expenditure.”

She explained that when the UPND leadership says: “we are going to sell the presidential jet, we are not saying we are going to sell it and put money in our pocket.”

“We are going to sell it so that children can go to school. When we stop these wasteful expenditures and corruption, money shall be there for us to send children to school [for] free,” Nalumango said. “We’ll have money to give citizens credit facility so that people can be able to do their small businesses in the markets. We’ll ensure that there is better resource management in our country.”

Nalumango further wondered which roads the PF government could point at, which it had improved.

She said even in Lusaka there were some: “horrible roads.”

“There are many places [where there are terrible roads]. I don’t know where you have made roads. Have you constructed roads in Luapula Province? Which roads have you made?” Nalumango asked.

“Na kwa Kaputa mukayeko (you should also go to Kaputa). It is impassable going there! Mukayeko na kwa Nsama (you should also go to Nsama district). It is impassable! Mukayeko naku Chienge (you should also go to Chienge). It is impassable! Mukayeko mwebantu ku Milenge (you people should also go to Milenge). It is impassable!”

She insisted that bad major roads could be spotted in all the provinces.
“Go to Western Province…Elo mulebepa abantu ati mwalipanga (and you are deceiving people that you have constructed)! What have you made?” asked Nalumango. “Even in Lusaka you have roads which are melting. Moreover, is Lusaka Zambia? Look at the Great North Road! Kabwe – Kapiri Mposhi – Ndola.”

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