PF FOOLING ZAMBIANS…govt has assumed a deceptive ‘hardworking’ stance – Sejani

ACKSON Sejani says there is a fake impression being created that “crooks” in the PF government are delivering to people’s expectations, when in fact not.

He asks if people are merely being fooled by the crooked PF government.

Sejani once served as a local government minister in the Frederick Chiluba’s government.

He told The Mast that ahead of the August elections, the government has assumed a deceptive hardworking stance.

Sejani said on top of its fake activities, those in the government were treating ordinary Zambians to an unprecedented outbreak of cash that was being splashed out to anyone who cares.

“Where is this money coming from? I don’t think this economy has produced such mountains of cash that are being displayed by PF officials,” he said. “Somebody must have printed money after chasing that respected Bank of Zambia governor.”

He wondered if the current: “government of crooks” was taking citizens for a ride, just as they have done during past elections?

“Are we being fooled again? Just because this is 2021, we are beginning to see a flurry of activities on several fronts in order to give an impression that the government is working finally,” Sejani noted. “But we should know why these things are happening now. We should know why suddenly there is no load-shedding when we have endured this problem for the last four years.”

Sejani is shocked that “miraculously, load-shedding has disappeared”

“But has it really disappeared or it will come back on 13th August, should these crooks win elections? I leave this to Zambians to think about,” he noted. “After destroying and turning our universities into disasters through their misguided policies of withdrawing meal allowances, we are now seeing the DMMU (Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit) shipping relief mealie meal to our universities in 2021.”

Sejani wondered whether or not ongoing relief would still be flowing after the elections, should the PF “miraculously win.”

“I leave this matter to our intellectuals in these universities to ponder,” Sejani said.

He observed that Zambia’s economy was sick and was in intensive care.

Sejani pointed out that President Edgar Lungu and his PF government could hide behind a self-painted rose picture of things in the country.

“He can go on and laugh at Zambians who are saying things are bad in Zambia but the effects of his failure to manage the economy will manifest themselves in various forms such as the high prices of goods and services we are now witnessing,” Sejani explained. “I don’t know whether Mr Lungu is still able to laugh now when he sees the prices of mealie meal, cooking oil, kapenta, cement, bread and other necessities.”

He stressed that: “things are very bad in Zambia.”

“As it is said in Nyanja, matenda mungabise koma malilo azamveka (you can mask a disease but certainly not a funeral),” Sejani said.

He also recalled that those in the government destroyed Lusaka’s City Market in July 2017 but that they were now attending to the facility in 2021.

“I leave it to our mothers in the market to think about it,” he said. “In 2016 somebody promised cheap oil after coming back from Saudi Arabia and the nation has been waiting for this cheap oil ever since. In 2021 the Minister of Energy is able to tell Zambians that the cheap oil deal is not yet dead, it is still active and so Zambians must trust PF because cheap oil will still come.”

Sejani continued, saying the nation must wait for the re-opening of Kabwe’s Mulungushi Textiles soon.

“The list can go on and on, of fake activities [which are] designed to fool Zambians that their government is working,” he said.

He also indicated that everybody knew the adverse effects of printing money which was not backed by production in the economy.

“We were taught early on in elementary civics that inflation is caused by too much money chasing too few goods,” explained Sejani. “Somebody must tell our humble President that this is how prices end up going high. It is not witchcraft and it is not sabotage! But it is caused by mismanagement of some fundamentals.”

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