Chifubu PF aspirant grapples with witchcraft accusations

A PF councillor who is aspiring to stand as a member of parliament in Ndola’s Chifubu Constituency is battling to shed off a ‘snake’ tag placed on him by residents in the area.

Fibobe Ward councillor, Kondwani Winga is being accused of having business charms in form of a snake which are placed in his fleet of buses, allegations which he denies as a smear campaign by his political opponents.

But a driver of one of Winga’s buses explained that fellow drivers and call-boys at the bus station mistook a worm under his bus for a snake and started spreading the story.

“Ka mwambo fye (it’s just a worm). What happened was that in a bus station when I was at a loading bay, a customer wanted to send a parcel to Kitwe, so someone shouted ati (that), ‘careful mwalanyanta pa nsoka munshi yamotoka’ (you could step on a snake under the vehicle) in apparent reference to a worm under the tyre,” explained the driver who declined to give his full name but only identified himself as Rapha. “Tayali ni nsoka, mwambofye (it wasn’t really a snake, just a worm). You know, it’s rainy season but that’s how it spread like that; otherwise, ka mwambofye.”

And when contacted for his side of the story, Winga denied using charms in his business, further refuting allegations that he was raised up by a witch doctor during his childhood.

“I am aspiring to become MP in Chifubu and such stories will always come up. And this will not be the last time this will come up because we are heading towards adoptions and people don’t want me to be adopted,” he said as he laughed off allegations. “That is not true, that story is not there. It’s the work of my political opponents. I have always been a businessman; I grew up in a business family.”

Asked if his business was being shunned as a result of the allegations, Winga responded in the negative.

Further asked if his political journey or whether his support base had waned as a result, Winga affirmed that the ground was ripe for his adoption.

“I will be adopted. I am a people’s person. All these allegations are not true,” said Winga.

However, his accusers some of which are his close associates in the PF, insist that the councillor who also owns shops at Chifubu market has been struggling both politically and in business.

Benard Mulenga, a resident said: ‘’Yalikaba ino nshita (It’s tough for him this time) because when he is passing people are passing running commentaries ati icisoka (that, snake)!”

Winga is expected to tender in his application letter for adoption on today.

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