Why does Lungu say things he doesn’t mean, doesn’t do?

Edgar Lungu says they have continued creating a better Zambia for all by providing inspirational and visionary leadership to the nation and promoting inclusive governance.

Edgar has called for openness, transparency, cooperation, peace, mutual understanding and respect among all political players and stakeholders as the country heads to the elections in August.

“I also call upon you to reject political violence as it cannot only destroy our country but could cost you a life. We only have one country. We need to guard jealously the peace that we are enjoying. My government shall continue to ensure that the country and the citizens enjoy peace ahead of this year’s general elections and that the law will take its full course on any erring individuals,” says Edgar.

Why is Edgar so fond of saying things he doesn’t mean or do. What type of hypocrisy is this?

What inspirational leadership is Edgar providing? Inspirational in what? Corruption! Intolerance! Violence! Lies!

Does Edgar really know what inspirational leadership means?

Inspirational political leadership is the ability of the leaders to be a positive influence on the citizens.

Edgar is boasting about being a visionary leader! Hmmm, how? Does Edgar really understand what being a visionary leader entails? Destroying the country in the way he has done is not being a visionary leader. This can only be so if visionary has acquired a new meaning. A visionary leader is an individual who sees the potential for how the nation should exist and then takes steps to get there.

And Edgar should be the last person to talk about political violence because he presides over the most violent political party. Edgar has done nothing about the violence of Patriotic Front cadres. In fact, he has fired police officers trying to stop their violence.

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