Police disrupt MMD convention

POLICE yesterday disrupted the MMD convention at Bonanza Resort.

The officers had gone to enforce an ex-parte injunction that was reportedly signed yesterday.

MMD vice-president Reuben Sambo said a bogus injunction was delivered by the usual detractors but not served.

“The police complied with it and they asked us to conclude business at just about 12 O’clock, so the Lusaka business concluded at 12:00 hours. We had already done three quarters of the business,” he said. “The whole point is that it is an exparte order of injunction, which is very strange, signed on Saturday. We are definitely challenging that order once we have sight of it. It was not served on any of the party officials, it was just brought and left on the desk.”

Rev Sambo said what was more strange was that Raphael Nakacinda decided to hold a press briefing as leader of the group seeking to stop the MMD convention.

“This nullifies their action because the person who is leading this side is an expelled member of our party, even confirmed by the court. Every business of his of trying to hide and use other proxies does not work. And this country must get serious that these injunctions that have gone around cannot just be thrown around without face; what is Nakacinda’s allegation? What damage will he suffer as a person who is not a member of our party if our convention was allowed to proceed to the end?” Rev Sambo asked.

“There can be no two laws in a country. So the position right now is that the Lusaka meeting has been disrupted temporarily by this so-called injunction, not because we have had sight of the injunction but because the police threatened brutality on us that if we did not close the meeting about 12:00 O’clock then they would actually use force.”

Rev Sambo said as law-abiding party, they did not want to go that route.

He said the colossal amount of money it cost MMD to put up the convention made it criminal for anybody to entertain what was done yesterday.

He said in 2016, even with a legal injunction with a cause of action, “they allowed and left that criminal group at the ground of Mulungushi in Kabwe the whole day from mourning until 21:00 hours when they succeeded to discharge the injunction.”

“They did not want to allow us to remain even to have lunch. That’s how terrible the police acted. They started out very well but some force from somewhere started to push them to actually have us close the meeting by 12. We asked them to allow our members just to have lunch before leaving and they refused. This is contrary to how they behave,” he said.

Rev Sambo said the person behind the injunction was not an MMD member but someone on the streets, gathering people to interrupt the MMD.

“Are there no laws that can be applied in this country? How long can we put up with illegalities, illegalities clothed with State power, how long can we put up with them?” Rev Sambo asked.

He explained that the Lusaka convocation would proceed after getting guidance.

He said only the Presidential speech remained for the Lusaka party.

Mumba was delivering his speech when Rev Sambo approached the podium and asked members to go and board buses to leave the venue.

Mumba said the enemies of MMD would never win.

“They have lost so many times and will lose again,” he said.

He said the hope of Zambia lies squarely in all those that fear God and trust that the country would be better.

“We are going to oblige right now, the Police are outside and they want us to review certain things with our lawyers but I would like you to remain patient. We are going to give you direction on how we are going to proceed from here. As I stand here tall, I stand here on behalf of all of you, I stand on behalf of the membership, you and myself have an equal right to enjoy the benefits of being in the political process of our country and to enjoy that participation honestly and equitably like any other,” said Mumba.

The High court had granted an injunction to Operation Save MMD members to halt the New Hope MMD convention on grounds of grave irregularities on constitutional procedures provided for in the MMD party constitution.

Former presidential affairs minister and Kamfinsa member of parliament Webby Chipili made the application on Friday before High Court Judge D Bowa which was granted in his favour ex-parte.

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