MTN unveils ‘Switch It Up’ campaign

I LIKE to believe that as individuals and a nation we already have everything we need to succeed, says MTN Zambia chief commercial officer Richard Acheampong.

MTN Zambia has unveiled its new brand marketing campaign titled “Switch It Up”.

The campaign is all about enablement and providing a level playing field that allows Zambians to not only make it but to thrive in this ‘new normal’.

According to a statement, with the challenges brought about by COVID-19, MTN Zambia realises the need to adapt to the ‘new normal,’ meaning that what worked before may not work anymore and commits to provide the tools and solutions to help them achieve their 2021 goals thereby opening new avenues and opportunities.

“I like to believe that as individuals and a nation, we already have everything we need to succeed. When we focus on our capabilities, our truths and our strengths, I believe we are unstoppable and can achieve anything we want,” Acheampong said.

MTN Zambia has committed itself to provide the tools, resources and access for Zambians to nurture, enrich, expand and manifest that which is already within.

It stated that with an array of innovative and industry first solutions such as Spaka Life, MTN Mobile Money and innovative data solutions, individuals were able to capitalise on the organic movement towards a digital-adopter mindset.

“As technology moves forward and our business converges, we need to do the same with our capabilities. Having the best products is as important as having the best network,” stated Acheampong.

MTN stated that “Switch It Up” was about everyday progress.

“However, progress doesn’t just happen. It requires opportunity and energy to shift from can’t do to can do. We are providing the opportunities and we call on our customers to come with the energy. It is then that we can all truly Switch It Up. As we strive to keep up with the rapid pace of technological, environmental and economic changes, we endeavour to provide world class experience at all touch points and commit to provide a world class network to keep our customers in control of creating a future of capabilities, empowerment and agility,” it stated. “The ‘Switch It Up’ campaign will help our customers connect within their organisations and collaborate effectively and function efficiently and thrive at the speed of global business. Our commitment is to make sure our customers always have the tools, resources and opportunities that will enable them to bloom and all they need to do is switch it up.”

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