LUNGU, PLEASE STOP HUNTING OTHERS…it will not save us, warns Hamusonde

STOP political the witch-hunt, if you don’t it will only bring divisions in this country, chief Hamusonde pleads with the President Edgar Lungu.

Hamusonde of Monze west says President Lungu should not have fear of the unknown as the country approaches the August 12 elections.

In an interview, Hamusonde said Zambia is one country and should remain so.

“Don’t block others as we approach August 12. Let there be equal campaign period and time for all political parties. And please let’s stop this political witch hunt that is currently going on,” he urged. “Please stop hunting others. Stop this political witch-hunt. Stop it, it will not save us. If you continue doing that it will only bring divisions in this country and we don’t want that. Zambia is one and it should remain one.”

Hamusonde also wondered why there was so much money ‘flying around’ when poverty was still rife.

He said rural roads are so miserable when there are bundles and bundles of money flying around.

Hamusonde said if the PF government was serious that money should be used to change people’s lives and also rehabilitate damaged bridges.

“People are flushing money around. Where are we going? Look at how we are eating, look at how miserable our roads are looking,” he lamented.

Hamusonde also said the idea of collecting Voters’ Cards was undemocratic and may end affecting the candidates of those collecting them.

“Aa we go towards August I have noticed that President Edgar Lungu is having fears of the unknown and he is putting spanners here, putting spanners there thinking he may not take the day. It is better to wait for the last bell, so to put spanners is wrong,” said Hamusonde.

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