Evidence of a shattered economy is overwhelming – Mwale

THE Socialist Party says President Edgar Lungu was mocking people when he said things are well in the country.

Launching the Munali flyover in Lusaka last week, President Lungu said some people were deliberately not seeing developments in the country because their eyes saw things differently.

“People will tell you that the economy is not booming, yet activities which indicate that there’s money in the economy and people are living well are there for all to see. This is the contradiction of our political activity where we see white, you see black,” said President Lungu.

But Socialist Party’s aspiring candidate for Nkana Constituency Faston Mwale argued that evidence of a shattered economy is overwhelming.

“The ever growing social and income inequality between the rich few and the poor majority is testament enough that things are not well for the struggling masses. How can things be said to be well when our youthful graduates from the universities and colleges are nothing else than hunters and gatherers of jobs that are increasingly never there?” he asked. “How can we be well when many of our children are excluded from education processes at all levels because of fees? Our hospitals are nothing more than dying dens while hunger, disease and despair stalk nearly every household in the compounds.”

Mwale reminded President Lungu about the cost of living among households.

He urged voters to remove what he termed capitalist policies by voting for his party.

“May the leadership be reminded that the food basket for a family of five is K8,500 per month. If this is the best that Zambia has become under the leadership of the Patriotic Front, then I shudder with indignation at how our leaders have betrayed the masses who put them into power,” Mwale added. “Having been subjected to neoliberal capitalist politics for three decades, Zambians will have no justifiable reason to be deluded again into voting for those who have stolen their dream for a dignified future. Today, nearly half the population has been pushed to the most inferior forms of subsistence while a small political elite and its lumpen band flaunt huge sums of cash in utter derision of the distressed masses. Mocking poor people is not who we are. And, if this is democracy, then I dare say that we need a new articulation of the Zambian democracy and a new political identity.”

Mwale said the general election would be a turning point for the nation as they are going to reject PF.

“In about four months, about seven million Zambians will be trooping to the polls to elect a new crop of leaders. In a watershed election stunt, the youth being the majority will be a necessary cog in creating impetus for a stronger fight for economic liberty,” said Mwale. “Many of our young people today are systematically excluded from the labour processes. Over 40,000 non-deployed trained teachers are in limbo. Those who mock us and see us as a people whose dignity and pride has been lost and who have seemingly lost the will to resist injustice must be taught a lesson of a life-time on 12th August. The necessary part of our task is not just to deal with the autocracy but to restore democracy too.”

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