Manyinga teacher dies after colliding with ox-cart at narrow bridge

[By Ben Chirwa]

MANYINGA member of parliament Robert Lihefu says government should expand Mundanya bridge on Kabompo River to allow two-way traffic.

Lihefu said this after a teacher of Kasamba Secondary School, Amin Nguvulu, died on Thursday night in a collision with an oxcart due to the narrow passage of the crossing point. Nguvulu was riding a motorbike.

Lihefu said it was sad that lives have continued to be lost through collisions at the bridge due to its one-way traffic design.

He urged the government to further take immediate maintenance works on the bridge because it appeared weakened as a result of heavy tonnage passing through, especially from timber truckers around Manyinga and Kabompo.

Lihefu said there was need to check most bridges in North Western Province as many were not constructed to withstand the current loads.

Lihefu wondered why the government did not pay adequate attention to infrastructure development in North Western Province despite its contribution to the national treasury.

And Stone Livingi, a resident of Manyinga, said the area had witnessed six fatal accidents recently including a Power Tools bus which nearly plunged into the river after failing to negotiate a curve because of its narrowness.

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