FOOTBALL Association of Zambia life member Luxon Kazabu says he is disappointed with the behaviour of Lusaka mayor Miles Sampa at the National Heroes Stadium on Thursday night during the Zambia vs Algeria game.

Sampa, in the company of PF cadres from Matero, insulted FAZ officials who stopped him from entering the VIP stand with his cadres due to CAF Covid guidelines.

Sampa ignored the presence of journalists and CAF officials who stood astonished as he uttered the unpalatables.

Kazabu has, however, reminded Sampa that there is honour in humility.

“Look, what kind of leadership is this? A mayor to go and behave in such kind of a manner! I want to remind and advise Miles Sampa that there is honour in humility and simplicity,” he said. “This behaviour where people think they have so much powers and it gets to their head and begin to behave in such a manner does not auger well. And he misbehaved in front of CAF officials and other dignitaries, what message does it send to the world about how certain leaders behave? It sends a very wrong message that we have ruffians as leaders who cannot behave themselves in public.”

He further advised Sampa to do a serious introspection and avoid such thuggery behaviour.

“He is better doing an introspection and avoid displaying such thuggery in the future, a mayor is citizen number one in Lusaka!” said Kazabu. “This dignified institution (office of the mayor) is highly respected elsewhere. And it is only in this country where they think anybody can be a mayor, no wonder why we have people who can behave like that. But look, Miles can do better and I hope that kind of thing won’t happen again.”

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