I want to be at the centre of engineering change – Mweetwa

I AM not quitting politics or UPND, I want to be at the centre of engineering change, says Cornelius Mweetwa.

People in Southern Province have petitioned the UPND to convince Mweetwa to reconsider his decision not to re-contest the Choma Central parliamentary seat.

Mweetwa announced on Sunday that he would not recontest the seat that he has held for two terms.

According to Southern Province UPND information and publicity secretary Neto Halwabala, the people feel Mweetwa, who is the opposition party’s spokesman, was a public figure whose decision had an effect on the whole country.

“As UPND in Southern Province, we have received many petitions from electorates within Choma and beyond pleading with Honourable Cornelius Mweeetwa to rescind his decision not to recontest the Choma Central parliamentary seat. They are also pleading with the entire UPND provincial leadership to engage Honourable Mweetwa over his decision,” he said. “They feel Honourable Mweetwa is a national asset who is required in Parliament at all cost to speak for them and have appreciated his services. We are aware that the nation still needs him in Parliament and at the grassroots.”

Halwabala said it was an “undisputable reason that Mweetwa wants to concentrate and work hard to ensure our Hakainde Hichilema becomes the Republican president” to deliver Zambians from the misery they were experiencing.

He said Mweetwa’s input together with other vibrant members of parliament make PF “learn and appreciate democracy.”

“The provincial leadership will update the electorates and the nation at large after engagement with Honourable Mweetwa. It is time to learn more about his decision and chart the way forward which will be of interest to the party as well,” Halwabala said.

He also revealed to The Mast that four UPND members have expressed interest for the Choma seat namely: Trevor Mwiinde, Frevor Monde, Aaron Mumba and Joe Muchindu.

But Mweetwa said the decision was “very conscious” and he had not broken any law.

He said his decision was based on personal judgment although he might have misjudged the timing.

“For now, this is what I think is right,” he said.

Mweetwa said it appears people did not get his message correctly.

“My message is that I am not quitting politics. I am not quitting UPND, I am saying I want to enhance UPND’s chances. I want to work for HH (Hakainde Hichilema). Look this year is for change. This is what I read from the people of Zambia. I can tell that the people of Zambia want change and so I am saying I want to be a freelancer to play this game of change,” Mweetwa said. “So this is what I said and people are ignoring this, that the reason I have done this is I want to be at the centre of HH’s campaign.”

Mweetwa said people should not begin to create stories following his decision not to recontest the Choma seat.

“I am the party spokesperson, I want to be at the centre of engineering change,” said Mweetwa.

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