I’m nothing without Lungu, says Mbewe

[By Ben Mbangu in Dundumwezi]

KEBBY Mbewe says he owes it to President Edgar Lungu for who he is today because without him he is as good as an electric cable without power.

Handing over 500 bicycles to headmen in Dundumwezi on behalf of President Lungu, Mbewe enticed the traditional leaders to support the government of the day for them to improve their livelihood as well as their subjects.

“I’m a person today because of President Lungu. Without him I’m like an electric cable not connected to electricity. These jackets I put on that you see, it’s because of President Lungu otherwise I’m nothing without him,” he said. “So please headmen give the President a vote on 12 August and you will see in return he will declare Dundumwezi as a district and your lives will never be the same again.”

And Mbewe said whether people in the area reject President Lungu in the August general elections or not, he would still be President of Zambia.

“You headmen from Southern Province now are more of councillors and MPs because you have no proper civic representation and as a result you are playing a big role in leadership. It is for this reason that the President noticed your burden and decided to commit himself to empower you with bicycles,” he said.

Mbewe said it was evident that headmen could not govern well without the support of government.

“Let us understand that the Constitution of Zambia says that only one President at a time. There is also only one State House in the country. So working with the government of the day must not be a choice but a must,” he challenged them.

Mbewe said President Lungu would never allow division of the country hence the need for people to accept the leadership in place.

“Those telling you on daily basis to continue belonging to their political parties ask them that ‘where do you want to take us?’ Look at these jackets I put on, it’s because of President Lungu. I’m nothing without him so please as headmen come and join us as well you’ll enjoy than holding on to opposition politics which cannot be eaten,” he said.

Mbewe encouraged the headmen to reject politicians only interested in talking about President Lungu in a negative manner.

“Those who come to talk about President Lungu in a bad way tell them that you are not interested. Let them tell you what they intend to do for you,” said Mbewe.

Chikanta resettlement scheme headman Sentrous Chizongo apologised to President Lungu for giving him few votes in the 2016 general elections.

“We promise President Lungu that come 12 August we will do the right thing this time around for he has shown us care despite us not voting for him,” said Chizongo.

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