Local govt is the lifeblood of development – Kangwa

PF Kapiri Mposhi district council chairperson aspirant candidate, Godfrey Kangwa say that local government is lifeblood of any development in any district.

In an interview, Kangwa said that for any district to attain meaningful development, it should be administered by a council chairperson with vast experience in local government administration.
He stated that he had what it takes to accelerate development in Kapiri Mposhi district, provided he is working with a capable district council secretary and qualified members of staff.

“I can confidently state that I have the latitude and experience to propel this district called Kapiri Mposhi, which I initiated and served in as chief executive officer of this local authority from its inception,” Kangwa said. “And considering the fact that the decentralisation policy is now being implemented, with the local authorities being at the centre of the implementation process, I can aptly state that local government is the lifeblood of development in any district,” he said.

He further stressed that human resource development was key in ensuring that the local authorities attain meaningful and tangible development.

Kangwa explained that this was only attainable if the local authority embraces the policy of continuous capacity building programmes.

“In all the districts where I have served as substantive council secretary, I have always been advocating for the restructuring of staff. This is aimed at ensuring that we have qualified and trained members of staff in local authorities. This can easily be done through the aggressive retraining of workers,” he stressed.

The immediate past PF Kapiri Mposhi district vice chairman also pledged to work with all government departments once elected as district council chairperson for Kapiri Mposhi.

“I will have an open door policy…and ensure that I work with all heads of government departments,” Kangwa said.

He further applauded the PF government for introducing the Local Government Equalisation Fund that was aimed addressing the challenges facing communities in Kapiri Mposhi district.

He said that Local Government Equalisation Fund was one of the innovative mechanisms that were aimed at ensuring that local authorities do not struggle to meet financial obligations.

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