There’s nothing more sacred than the right to life – M’membe

FRED M’membe says there is nothing more scared than the right to life.

In his reflection on the role the Church has played in allowing the opposition to mobilise ahead the general election, the Socialist Party leader said what churches have shown so far reflects true religion.

“Without many pastors and reverends allowing us to hold meetings in their churches, our political mobilisation work would have been very difficult.

Whenever and wherever we wanted to hold meetings pastors and reverends would open their doors,” he said. “Others would probably say this is a profanation of the temple. They don’t understand that, to Jesus’ way of thinking, there’s nothing more sacred than the right to life. And a meeting of the Socialist Party is a collective effort to obtain better living conditions. Socialism is about justice, equity and peace in terms of access to education, health services, food, water, housing and all the other services required in an organised society.”

Citing Biblical encounters between Jesus Christ and the pharisees, Dr M’membe said life was more important than religion in God’s sight.

“The most sacred thing that can exist – such as the Sabbath – should be at the service of human life, not the other way around. A Church that places its patrimonial interests ahead of the demands of justice, life and the people among whom it is inserted is certainly a Church that considers man less important than the Sabbath and, like the Pharisees, reverses evangelical priorities,” Dr added M’membe. “There’s nothing more sacred than man, the image and likeness of God. A religion that cares for the supposed sacredness of its objects but turns its back on those who are the real temples of the Spirit is worthless.”

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