Bishop Biemba urges Zambia to stick to Christian values

EVANGELICAL Fellowship of Zambia Eastern Province secretary Bishop Andrew Biemba says it is important for Zambia to stick to Christian values.

Speaking when the Eastern Province for Edgar Lungu and Development Foundation met members of the clergy in Chipata, Bishop Biemba said the Church would not allow people from political parties to start attacking each other.

“As a church we don’t want political violence in this country. When we see all the people in political parties, they all come from the Church. We cannot be happy to see our members fight to the point where they shed blood, no!” he said. “Zambia is a Christian nation and we are not supposed to move away from Christian principles as a Christian nation. We made a covenant with God and we want it to remain.”

Bishop Biemba commended the PF government for ensuring Zambia remained a Christian nation.

“We happy that the ruling party has ensured that the Christian declaration is maintained as well as forming a ministry for the Church, the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs. We are happy with this ministry,” he said.

Bishop Biemba said the members of the clergy responded to the invitation to meet the foundation because it had the component of development.

“We have come here because of the word ‘development’ because a reverend also stands for development,” he said. “Development cannot just happen outside the Church because a reverend also wants his or her church to develop. Our cry is empowerment. We see this empowerment on television only but here in Chipata it doesn’t come.”

Bishop Biemba said the clergy would continue praying for peaceful elections in the country.

“Some of you will be working in offices while us we are going to kneel down and pray for peace. I am appealing that you also help us members of the clergy. These reverends have a lot of work on their shoulders but they face transport challenges,” he said. “They have branches in rural areas and they face difficulties to reach there. We are not degrading ourselves but that’s the fact on the ground. We need mobility, we need empowerment.”

Bishop Biemba also said empowerment should not be selective.

“What we have observed is that even when empowerment comes, big churches are given priority but even small churches like the ones that are represented here have impact in this country,” he said. “It’s like commercial farmer and peasant farmer; most food for this country comes from peasant farmers. As a church, we expect the foundation to continue and we put your vision in our prayers.”

Bishop Biemba said the Church would remain neutral so that when political parties quarrel, they run to the Church to bring them together.

And foundation chairperson Emmanuel Banda said President Edgar Lungu was development oriented.

He said President Lungu was God fearing and recognises the importance of the Church.

Banda appealed to the Church to continue praying for peace.

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