August 12 is calling, show PF the door – Luonde

FATHER Richard Luonde has questioned the unavailability of PF’s promised one million jobs.

Opening the first session of the 12th National Assembly on September 30, 2016, President Edgar Lungu promised to create one million jobs over five years.

With that five years almost gone, the opposition National Democratic Congress national chairperson is asking President Lungu to explain why his government has not fulfilled that promise.

“The promised 500,000 jobs by the Republican President at Mulungushi International Conference Centre and a further one million jobs promised later, none has come to pass. All this goes to show how we Zambians are not respected by the current government. They have taken us as a docile people who easily forget all the promises made to us,” he said. “We are now seeing a new version of job creation under PF which is simply to hoodwink Zambians by giving them things which will not last for long. Zambians are now recipients of ECL mealie meal at reduced prices, and this is for the selected few like miners. Is Zambia composed of just miners? The answer is no. But why is this happening and for how long will this happen?”

Fr Luonde reminded citizens that in an election year every government gets desperate to please them.

He however advised the electorate to get whatever is given to them but vote out PF on election day.

“Remember we are in an election year, 12th August 2021 is calling. This has now been extended to colleges and a few selected individuals. Is this the way we are supposed to be governed and grow our economy? Pensioners and just a few are being put on six months’ pay whilst those in employment are going months without being paid their salaries. Is that the job creation our President promised the nation?” Fr Luonde asked. “Nevertheless, I urge my fellow Zambians to get the money President Lungu and his friends are dishing out. It is your money, get it and use it; but show them the door on 12th. You cannot allow a situation where these people steal from you, then they use the same stolen money to buy your votes. Please, reject them!”

And Fr Luonde advised youths being ‘empowered’ by the PF to vote against the ruling party.

He expressed confidence in the youth that they still had a conscience to guide them.

“We have a lot of brilliant youths who have never fallen prey to PF manoeuvres. And these are the ones I’m asking to get that money but still teach PF a lesson. Zambian youths are being given money as empowerment funds, then you ask for what? And is it only for the selected few,” said Fr Luonde. “This government must for once realise that they are just wasting resources which are supposed to go to the growing of our economy, which in turn will be beneficial for every Zambian. We, as Zambians, are watching how ancient politics of PF are at play. They think they are winning over Zambians so that they can be voted back on the 12th of August. Let me remind this government that all that they are doing is in vain.”

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