Futsal league nears end

THE 2020/2021 Automotive Futsal League will soon come to conclusion.

This year’s league season will also include the Division One and a League Cup that has seen teams battling out for top honours.

Premier Futsal League chairman Tarak Me­hta has told the Mast Sports that the 2020-2021 league season has so far been a success despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Well, we are going towards the end of 2020/2021 season and I must say despite the pandemic of the COVID-19 as PFL chairman, I am very happy and delighted that we had a smooth run of the season,” he said. “You know this year was different from other seasons because we introduced Division One League. And I am happy that we had 12 teams that joined the league and so far, this has brought a lot of competition. And the sport of futsal, it’s definitely growing.”

Mehta said the move to increase competition is to make the sport more professional going forward.

“Our main aim is to build the sport to a professional level so that when players go for national team duty, we definitely have a strong team that can make us win titles and be a force to reckon with because we have a pool of players,” Me­hta added. “And we have an experienced and qualified technical team to handle the players, and if this continues and a lot of stakeholders coming on board then we are heading into the right direction. The players are there, all what is needed is a continued good investment into the league so that we continue nurturing and developing teams that will produce good national team players.”

He added that the introduction of a league cup has also increased competition among teams and players.

“Another exciting thing this season is that we also introduced the PFL League Cup that saw teams from the Premier Futsal League and from the Division One League taking part. And we have seen quite more talent and competition, signs that we are going in the right direction,” said Me­hta.

“This season is completely different. We will have the finals of the League Cup coming up soon. And not only that, the playoffs will start after the league games are done.”

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