Good days are just five months from now, says HH

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says Zambians should just be patient because good days are just five months away.

And HH says his government will not ban export of crops such as maize.

Responding to callers when he featured on Breeze FM’s political hour on Tuesday night via phone from Lusaka, Hichilema said his government will find something for all Zambians that were employable.

“Our job will be to ensure all of you who are employable, will find you something. If not as I said earlier, we will give you business support – credit at lower interest rate so that you can start business. We care for the youth, we love you,” he said. “So that lady from Kasenengwa (a caller) my heart bleeds for you. Just be patient, good days are just five months only from now.”

Hichilema said his government would employ over 73,000 unemployed teachers.

“Let me just use this opportunity to say, we will ensure that, and I announce here on Breeze FM that after 12 August we will employ all of those over 73,000 unemployed teachers. We will post them to schools, over 5,100 doctors will be posted to hospitals, 15,000 plus nurses employed. We will come in in August, by September you will start receiving your postings and immediately you will be put on payroll,” he said.

Hichilema said employment will be a priority for the UPND as it takes office.

“I also want to indicate that local government workers, council workers, we hear you. We are with you. We want to make sure that you manage even burial sites. Look at Chipata there, burial sites are full. We will make sure that the councils are able to receive through creation of the allocation of land working with traditional leaders for burial sites and you manage burial sites properly,” he said.

Hichilema said when the UPND come in contracts would not only be given to party cadres.

“When we come in in August all roads will be done at a right price, no corruption. Very good quality roads at a lower cost. Let me give you an example, boreholes today in Eastern Province there, a government borehole you sink it at K55,000. We will bring the price of a borehole to K15,000, meaning one borehole now through corruption is sunk at that price we will be able to deliver three boreholes with change,” he said.

Hichilema said the UPND will work on the Chipata/Lundazi road properly because it was being done at a poor quality.

“We will give Zambians that are competent contracts. We are going to work on the Chipata/Msoro road. Unfinished and bad roads will not allow ourselves. If you look at the Chipata/Lundazi road every rain season bridges are going there because of poor quality but yet the price is higher because of corruption with zero tolerance to corruption there will be nothing like that, kuvutisa bathu, kuchoka ku Chipata ati uyende ku Chama ninkhondo iyo(troubling people, from Chipata going to Chama its trouble),” he said.

Hichilema said the issue of bad roads would be over very soon when people vote for UPND.

He said his government would ensure it works on Kalindawalo road, Kapata/Walela and Chizongwe road and Chipata/Vubwi roads.

Hichilema said the Chipata/Vubwi road was like it was in a war-torn country.

He said the UPND government would also give priority to the Chipata/Chadiza road because it was an agricultural area.

Hichilema the UPND would attend to the issue of sanitation.

“Under UPND, we will never allow poor sanitation and garbage disposal. For example, the garbage dumpsite for Chipata is east of Apollo dam which is up stream of the main dam supplying drinking water for the town of Chipata. The dumpsite is less than a kilometre from Lutembwe river on which the dam is built – the dumpsite is there. Garbage and the dirt drain into Lutembwe and three kilometres down the stream is Apollo dam, what is that?” he asked.

Hichilema said his government would relocate the Chipata dumpsite.

He said his government would ensure retirees are paid on time.

Hichilema also said the UPND government would add value to the crops that are grown in Eastern Province and other parts of the country.

“For maize, we are going to ensure that Zambians produce more maize and will make sure that we mill the maize there to create jobs. We are going to protect the farmers. As UPND, we are not going to ban exports but encourage farmers to produce enough crops,” he said.

Hichilema said the UPND government would not have selective approach to empowerment.

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