DON’T TEST OUR PATIENCE…let the will of the people prevail, Akafumba tells PF

DON’T test Zambians’ patience, NDC ‘interim president’ Josephs Akafumba tells the PF.

He has appealed to the PF to respect the will of the people in August.

Commenting on PF member of the central committee Kebby Mbewe who told Dundumwezi headmen that whether people in the area reject President Edgar Lungu in the August general elections or not he will still be President of Zambia, Akafumba said donations from the Head of State which have become the order of the day were a sign of desperation on the part of the PF.

“I have noticed with great concern the desperate tactics being employed by President Edgar Lungu, from donating jackets to headmen in Eastern Province to fooling miners with K50 worth of mealie-meal and now to bicycles in Southern Province,” he said. “I also note with great disappointment the statement by one Kebby Mbewe that even if the people of Dundumwezi reject Mr Lungu, he will still be Head of State. This is a desperate attempt by a dictatorial regime to intimidate and fool Zambians. The PF must not test Zambians’ patience. Zambians have been patient enough and cannot take it anymore. They have suffered untold misery. Poverty is in everyone’s eyes. They are no longer smiling, all Zambians look as if they are crying as they walk the streets.”

Akafumba said Zambians now more than ever want change and will do everything in line with the law to change government come August 12.

“So I appeal to the PF not to tamper with Zambians’ will when they vote in August. Let the will of the people prevail and move on. I also get so disturbed when every bootlicker in the PF says President Lungu will be President when we still have one problem with him regarding his eligibility to contest the presidency,” Akafumba said.

He appealed to all Zambians to have their voters’ cards verified and turn up in numbers on August 12 and vote for the UPND Alliance.

“Go out and vote on the UPND Alliance. We will have councillors, members of parliament and the presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema on the ballot paper. Ignore the PF candidates,” said Akafumba. “But as of now, if and when they give you money or a bicycle, get but don’t vote for them in August.”

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