NDC is in the ICU because of Kambwili, says Malite

KAMBWILI wants, at all costs, to survive and he knows that he has become irrelevant in the opposition, says NDC ‘media director’ Emmanuel Malite.

And Malite says NDC is in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), because of Kambwili.

Chishimba Kambwili is the embattled leader of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The NDC, that was formed after the expulsion of Kakmwbili and Mwenya Musenge from PF, would be four years old in September this year.

The opposition party is overwhelmed with wrangling and currently, both Kambwili and his once-upon-a-time deputy, Josephs Akafumba, are called presidents by their factions.

The Kambwili NDC is currently asking those willing to contest selected parliamentary seats on its ticket to apply while the Akafumba NDC is part of the UPND Alliance.

For Roan Constituency, for instance, Kambwili’s son, Mwamba, has been flaunted as an aspiring NDC candidate, ahead of this August general elections.

But Malite laughed off such a proposition.

“The desire and selfishness of Kambwili is now alarming, where he cannot just let go of his political life. But he is now a finished politician. Politics, as we stand, do not favour Kambwili,” Malite told The Mast.

“He is now just desirous to simply be relevant in the system, without even a heart of serving the people of Zambia. That’s the reason he has gone ahead and pushed his innocent son, Mwamba, who has no political experience whatsoever.”

He continued, saying: “Mwamba has never been active in NDC and he does not hold any position in NDC from inception.”

“He was left to run Mwamoma Engineering and Technical Services Limited (Kambwili’s company),” he noted.

“Kambwili wants, at all costs, to survive and he knows that he has become irrelevant in the opposition. Even where he is going to the Patriotic Front, he has no proof that he is taking numbers.”

He pointed out that the Akafumba-led NDC rejected Kambwili’s wish that everything in the party should go his way.

“It’s very alarming that he can be forcing his own son to start facing political battles. Listen to me; Mwamba can never woo even a Grade seven to vote for him, because he has never been in politics,” Malite said.

“Kambwili is now bringing confusion to both sides – in the NDC and UPND. As things stand, NDC is in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), because of Kambwili.”

He added that: “we cannot even risk our members to stand on the NDC ticket as parliamentary and local government candidates.”

“The NDC matter is in court and so, why should we risk having parliamentary and local government candidates on our party ticket?” noted Malite.

“So, this issue of trying to suppress the UPND Alliance and what not…We are saying NDC members should stand on the UPND Alliance because we know that they are safe there than on NDC right now. We cannot predict what will come out of the court on the matter of the NDC deregistration because the State has appealed the judgment that came from the Kabwe High Court.”

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