Field one presidential candidate, Chanda urges the opposition

KAWIMBE Chanda has warned that fragmentation in the opposition due to jealousy and exaggerated egos will make PF will win the August elections.

Chanda, a Lusaka resident, further feels that some opposition leaders have exaggerated their impact in the country’s politics.

“It’s very worrying to see some opposition leaders teaming up with PF just to try and block the UPND from forming government. HH is not the one who is increasing the price of commodities. HH is not the one who has increased fuel and electricity,” he said in a statement yesterday. “Your biggest enemy is Edgar [Lungu] and the Patriotic Front government who are the source of all the problems that your families and the Zambians are facing. Small opposition political parties to contest in the presidential and parliamentary election that you cannot win means splitting votes, which will also give an advantage to the PF.”

Chanda warned that the PF might not concede defeat even if they lost to a single political party due to what he termed their weird behaviour.

“PF is not MMD that anyone can think of defeating genuinely without any support from other political parties; even if UPND is to stand alone and beat the PF genuinely, PF cannot concede defeat because PF is a party of savages that are ready to fix anyone who opposes them,” he said. “The ruling Patriotic Front is likely to retain power because there’s too much jealous and pride among the opposition political parties. Everyone wants to rule. Everyone wants to be President. Even those that cannot win an election want to contest as single entities. But where will their egos and jealousy take them, anyway?”

Chanda insisted that the opposition should unite to defeat the PF.

He called on opposition parties with what he termed inflated popularity to accept the opposite reality.

“I’m not UPND, DP or any other political party. I’m just one of the suffering Zambians who has felt the impact of being ruled by people without direction. I don’t belong to any political party. Now, if our country is to be rescued from these looters (PF) who have destroyed the wealth of our country, then the opposition have to put their heads together and support one candidate,” urged Chanda. “And they should not run away from the fact that Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND are the biggest PF rivals, the biggest opposition. And the battle line is drawn between Hakainde Hichilema and Edgar Lungu. If indeed they are responsible leaders and they want what is good or best for the Zambian people, then they should support Hakainde Hichilema for a possible change and remove PF from power. Fighting HH is not the solution to remove poverty, lack of employment or make the kwacha gain against the US dollar.”

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