Nakacinda holds on to MMD merely to destabilise it for PF’s benefit – Chitika

MMD national secretary Elizabeth Chitika says Minister of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection Raphael Nakacinda has held on to the MMD merely to destabilise it for the benefit of the Patriotic Front.

She says this can be confirmed by the fact that Nakacinda is at all PF campaign fora speaking ill of the MMD.

Chitika contends that Nakacinda is the sole reason there had been no smooth handover of office because he insists that he is a member of the party despite rulings by the High Court and Court of Appeal refusing to stay justice Sharon Newa’s judgment, and takes every opportunity availed to him to bring the party’s name into disrepute and causing instability.

This is in a matter where Nakacinda has sued the MMD in the Lusaka High Court challenging his expulsion from the party for irregularities.

Nakacinda has cited Chitika in the matter seeking a declaration that his purported expulsion from the MMD was illegal by reason of procedural impropriety and absolute defiance of the established rules of natural justice.

In his reply to the party’s defence that natural justice was fulfilled by availing him the opportunity to exculpate himself over the allegations relating to his suspension, Nakacinda argued that his appointment by President Edgar Lungu as nominated member of parliament did not mean that he threw aside his membership in the MMD.

He said the alleged suspension from the party was challenged through an exculpatory letter and maintained that his expulsion was wrong.

Nakacinda further claimed that he did not account for all funds and assets for the party that he is alleged to have misappropriated during his illegal tenure as national secretary because MMD president Nevers Mumba and Chitika did not give him an opportunity to smoothly hand over the office.

However, Chitika, in her reply to defence to counterclaim, said Nakacinda was aware of disciplinary proceedings against him because judge Newa in her judgment legitimised his suspension from the party.

She said Nakacinda knew that he had to answer to the charges because there was no stay of execution of judge Newa’s judgment.

Chitika maintained that Nakacinda’s expulsion was in line with the MMD constitution and was correct as there was no stay of the judgment dated November 5, 2019 and the convention of May 2016 was illegal and all pronouncements made at the illegal convention were null and void and of no legal effect.

“Nakacinda went to great lengths to evade service of the expulsion letter on him. The defendant denies the allegation that Friday Chipasha and Jackson Nkhoma went to Nakacinda’s home with intentions to harm him,” Chitika said.

She said Nakacinda called MMD vice-president Reverend Reuben Sambo indicating that he does not talk to her and he refused to receive his suspension letter and now goes to the court claiming that he was not aware.

Chitika said Nakacinda’s appeal against judge Newa’s judgment does not operate as a stay.

“The defendant joins issue with the plaintiff upon its defence,” said Chitika.

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