‘Zambians are angry, hungry’

Crews and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (CRAWUZ) president Bevis Silumbe says Zambians are angry with the PF government because they are hungry.

“I am a local person who has stayed and lived in Kapiri Mposhi for over 40 years. I understand the challenges the residents of this district face. You would be surprised to learn that today TAZARA clinic has no shelter and patients get soaked each time they go to seek medical attention. The challenges are numerous…The district has lagged behind in terms of development for a long time,” says Bevis. “The people of Zambia are angry with this PF government because they are hungry. People are spending nights on empty stomachs. People are not managing to have three meals in day.”

It cannot be denied that the socio-economic situation in our country is biting – it’s dire. The majority of our people are barely surviving. With an economy in recession and a large army of jobless citizens, the next thing in line is hunger.

With hunger comes anger. But those in leadership, in their contempt, continue to claim that they have done well – that Zambians are living well.

And they continue to flaunt their illegally acquired wealth while majority of citizens are wading in a sea of poverty. It seems the PF leadership is blind to challenges our people are going through. The PF regime is far detached from the people and reality. They don’t seem to understand leadership, what responsible leadership entails. They don’t have time to consult people to appreciate what is going on – they don’t care!

They are living in their own world.

One of the measures of a good leadership is that it is able to improve the livelihood of those that it is leading. People’s lives should be seen to be getting better because their leaders are working hard day and night, selflessly sacrificing to improve the lot of those whom they have been given the duty and responsibility to superintend over. Can that be said of the Zambian populace, especially over the last five years?

But Ernesto Che Guevara put it this way, “We in the revolutionary government which is part of the people, have also learned these things from our positions as leaders, by always consulting the people, never apart from them, because leaders who lock themselves in ivory towers and pretend to lead the people with formulae are doomed to failure and are on the way to despotism…But to lead a people you have to understand them and it is much easier to understand a people when you are part of that people, when you have never lived apart from the people for reasons of education or because of the barriers that separate us today.”

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