FAZ president Andrew Kamanga’s lawyers have written to Attorney General Likando Kalaluka, asking him to caution State investigative agencies against harassing their client over the US$38,000 FAZ borrowed from him in 2017.

The money was later paid back without interest and the matter has already been investigated and cleared by police and the FIFA code of ethics.

But fresh reports have emerged that a named provincial minister has directed junior officers at the Drug Enforcement Commission to find anything that would lead to the arrest of Kamanga and consequently oust him from Football House.

The named minister has been an advocate of Kamanga’s removal from FAZ way before the elections at which the latter was re-elected.

“…they have not stopped; the idea is to remove Kamanga from there even if it is not making sense. So, this minister is telling them to say just find anything, even impound his vehicle just to create some impression,” said a government source.
“But remember, this matter was dealt with by police; they even summoned Kamanga and found nothing. They wrote to FIFA, FIFA even cautioned Kamanga not to help FAZ with such loans anymore as it would create an impression of conflict of interest. But it looks like Chileshe has restarted this matter through this minister.”

Recently, Kamanga’s accountant was interrogated over the same matter, with sources indicating that he would again be summoned on the same matter.

Arising from the latest developments, Kamanga’s lawyers, Mosha and Company, in a letter to the Attorney General dated March 21, 2021, reminded government that the FAZ executive committee consented to then general secretary Ponga Liwewe’s request to borrow money from Kamanga.

“…we are instructed by our client to solicit your support by way of a cautionary advice to officers at Zambia Police Service and Drug Enforcement Commission to desist from using their investigative powers as a means to harass our client by repeated calls for interviews and threats of arrest for an alleged illegal infringement regarding a debt repayment of US$38,000 paid by FAZ to ENFIN Solutions Limited in May 2017 that was reported to Zambia Police and DEC by one Elijah Chileshe, a former FAZ executive committee member,” the letter read in part.

“A little background will be of assistance. In March 2017, the Football Association of Zambia had a financial challenge and its general secretary under instruction from the treasurer sought and obtained the approval of the FAZ executive committee to borrow US$38,000 to enable them meet then pressing obligations. The request to borrow US$38,000 was accepted by our client and he arranged for the funds from the company called North Western Energy Corporation Limited which duly paid cash to the FAZ treasurer.”

The lawyers indicated that the money was later paid back to the lending institution.

“When the FAZ financial position improved in May 2017, the money was paid back to the company designated by NWEC being ENFIN Solutions Limited. At the time of the FAZ executive decision to borrow the money, Mr Elijah Chileshe was a committee member and he was the only one who objected…as the majority had consented to the decision, his objection did not carry the day,” the lawyers explained further.

They reminded Kalaluka that two years later, Chileshe had disciplinary procedures initiated against him which led to his suspension.

They said Chileshe did not take well his suspension and he started a vendetta against Kamanga and general secretary Adrian Kashala.

The lawyers explained that in pursuit of his vendetta, Chileshe reported Kamanga to the FIFA ethics body, the police and now the DEC for abuse of funds, conflict of interest and misappropriation of funds.

They stated that the FIFA Ethics Committee, through its investigatory chamber, commenced investigations into the matter.

“The investigatory chamber of the Ethics Committee accepted our client’s and FAZ explanation that there was no illegality in the grant of the loan or its repayment but reminded Mr Kamanga to remain compliant with the FIFA Code of Ethics by avoiding engagements that create a possible conflict of interest…the continued harassment of our client by investigative wings is an indirect interference into the affairs of FAZ that risks the wrath of FIFA if it persists,” the lawyers added.

They attached all documentation relating to the issue, including receipts, and FIFA investigations and conclusion of the matter way back.

The letter has also been copied to FIFA, CAF general secretary and FAZ general secretary.

When contacted for comment, DEC spokesperson Theresa Katongo responded: “Hey, I am still waiting for feedback on this issue. I will get back once I have something for you.”

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