Trump attempts to blackmail Joe Biden: the Trump-Biden conversations begin

White House chief of staff telephones President Joe Biden: Mr President, there is a familiar personality who says he has to talk to you urgently.

Biden: Who could that be? Many familiar personalities want to talk to the President of the USA.

Chief of staff: It is Donald Trump, Sir.

Biden: Oh, that one. Is he still around? He disappeared from the news cycle so fast, you would think he never existed.

Chief of staff: Yes Sir, that one.

Biden: Ok, please switch on the Nixon White House taping system, I don’t trust Trump at all. He is poison to whoever he talks to.

Chief of staff: Sir, isn’t it illegal to record someone’s conversation without their consent?

Biden: That is a gray area of the law. Later on, you can do research on how many people have been prosecuted under your presumption. For now, it is defensible under the national security interests of the USA. Trump is a national security threat.

Chief of staff: Ok Mr President, I will activate the recording system. Here is Trump.

Trump: Hello Joe, I hope I can establish a working relationship with you as I had with my good friend Obama. You know, we talked regularly.

Biden: I know you used to talk but I wouldn’t say you were good friends. Do you even have good friends, Donald? Everything and everybody is for your convenience. I am straying Donald, what do you want from me? You are one person who never calls to just say hi. How is family?

Trump: Why are you catty, Joe? This is one president calling another in order to straighten American history.

Biden: Straighten American history! What does that mean? Did you put wrinkles on American history?

Trump: Let me get to the point.

Biden: Yes, please do. The Israeli Prime Minister, your friend Benjamin Netanyahu is here and his delegation.

Trump: Benjamin? Let me talk to him.

Biden: No, protocol doesn’t permit. You can set up your own private arrangements.

Trump: Joe, I hear there are several grand jury testimonies looking into criminally indicting me, a former president of the US. Stop that move, Biden. You have power to stop the advanced criminal investigations. I am running in 2024 and you know that I would win again. When I win, trust me, you will also be indicted. Joe, no former President has ever been indicted. You, Joe, shouldn’t start the slippery slope.

Biden: That sounds like blackmailing and extortion of the President of the United States. At worst, Donald, this is the gravest obstruction of justice in US history. This is not straightening US history. This is obstruction of justice at the highest levels. Donald, before this conversation continues, let me playback what you just told me.

Trump: Joe, don’t tell me you were recording this conversation, you should have warned me. (Trump then listens to his own recorded voice. Silence reigns).

Biden: I will hand over this tape to the Attorney General, Judge Garland for his assessment and action.

Trump: Hangs up the phone.

(To be continued).

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