THERE are two most hated people in Zambia by the PF government, in sports it is Andrew Kamanga and in politics it is Hakainde Hichilema, says Luxon Kazabu.

Kazabu, a FAZ life member, has appealed to the government to stop fishing for an offence against the FAZ president.

Kazabu was reacting to Sunday’s sports lead story in The Mast where Kamanga’s lawyers were seeking Attorney General Likando Kalaluka’s protection for the harassment their client has been suffering from the government over the US $38,000 FAZ borrowed from him in 2017.

The money was later paid back without interest and the matter has already been investigated and cleared by police and the FIFA code of ethics.

But fresh reports have emerged that a named provincial minister has directed junior officers at the Drug Enforcement Commission to find anything that would lead to the arrest of Kamanga and consequently oust him from Football House.

The named minister has been an advocate of Kamanga’s removal from FAZ way before the elections at which the latter was re-elected.

“…they have not stopped; the idea is to remove Kamanga from there even if it is not making sense. So, this minister is telling them to say just find anything, even impounding his vehicle to create some impression,” said a government source.

But Kazabu said the matter was settled by councillors at the FAZ elective annual general meeting last month.

“This raging war was resolved at the last elective general meeting where there was a window for Andrew Kamanga to be removed. But the FAZ councillors saw nothing wrong with him that is why they retained him as FAZ president,” he said.

“There are two most hated people by this PF government; in the field of sport, it is Andrew Kamanga and in national politics it is Hakainde Hichilema. The two persons just want to serve the people of this nation, and being Zambians, they have the right to aspire for any elective office. They (PF) are fishing and want to pin Kamanga so that he is out of Football House and Hichilema so that he is not on the ballot paper.”

He appealed to the PF government to “stop fishing for once”.

Kazabu said the government would not succeed in trying to oust Kamanga, but instead would just damage its image.

“They are busy fishing for faults in Kamanga, but unfortunately for them Kamanga is protected by the FIFA and FAZ statutes. If it was in the past, they would have dissolved the Kamanga led executive. So, as a life member I want to appeal to the PF government to give Kamanga and team some space,” said Kazabu. “They want to make sure that Kamanga seems to fail. I for one refuse to believe that Kamanga has failed but it is government that does not want to see development in football.”

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