Nation tired of political insults, negative statements – Bishop Gondwe

UNITED Church of Zambia North Western Presbytery Bishop Moses Gondwe says the nation is tired of political insults and negative statements.

And Solwezi Central PF aspiring candidate Jackson Kungo says Solwezi needs a member of parliament who has the courage to shoulder the responsibility for the whole North Western Province.

In an interview after a special Easter Sunday service at Kyawama UCZ congregation, Bishop Gondwe said politicians should be above the behaviour of insults and negative statements.

He said the Church and the rest of Zambia expected politicians to work on developing the country and not use politics to divide the nation.

“The agenda is to be of service to the people of Zambia. When you are in opposition, it does not mean you are not a leader. You are a leader providing checks and balances,” Bishop Gondwe said. “We, Zambian people, need to be assured that we are safe in their hands. When we come to church, we don’t fight. When we go to the football ground, we don’t fight inasmuch as we are supporting different teams. So even this year, we are so confident that our politicians will agree to unite the nation and to be tolerant to one another. We know that they can’t betray us, they will not fail us.”

Bishop Gondwe said it was inevitable that the August vote result would favour only one party but advised politicians to look at the interest of the nation.

He said the Church and politicians should work together as instruments for promoting peace and unity.

Earlier when he spoke as guest of honour at a fundraiser for a new UCZ church building in Solwezi’s Kyawama compound, Kungo urged congregants to have stubborn faith.

He said sometimes worshipers faced what appeared to be impossible tasks but if they exercised strong faith like David when he fought Goliath, they would overcome big challenges.

Kungo, who donated 100 bags of cement for the project and K5,000 to the choir, said building a church was a divine calling that needed courage because it required a lot of resources.

“It takes a stubborn kind of faith to take on a task that is like Goliath in money terms. It is good to have that approach because a child who fears to take the first step will never walk,” he said.

And in an interview, Kungo said Solwezi had a history of courageous members of parliament like the late Humphrey Mulemba and Ben Tetamashimba, who believed and fought for empowerment of the people.

Kungo, who served as PF provincial chairman, said in August, the electorate had another opportunity to elect a political leadership that would fight to make lives of people better.

He said the current crop of members of parliament from the UPND was a total disappointment as they had failed to work with the government on development projects.

Kungo appealed to people of North Western to re-elect President Edgar Lungu and PF candidates at parliamentary and local government levels.

He said the calibre of most opposition members of parliament in North Western left much to be desired going by how they fared since being elected.

Kungo advised that the main agenda of the UPND members of parliament should have been development and not politicking throughout their tenure of office.

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