Lusaka Court places Kambwili on defence in Lungu defamation case

THE Lusaka Magistrates’ Court has found Chishimba Kambwili with a case to answer in a matter where he is accused of calling President Edgar Lungu a “dog”.

In this case, Kambwili is facing a charge of defamation of the President.

It is alleged that Kambwili between August 26 and 27, 2019, with intent to bring the President’s name into hatred, ridicule or contempt published insulting matter by word of mouth in a video that circulated on social media when he alleged that a dog which used to stay in Chawama was moving aimlessly, wherever it was invited it goes.
He was quoted saying “Not ishi imbwa sha bantu, yaliekala ku Chawama elo yamona ste…ati intandale icalo eko baitafye kuya kuti washa umutengo wabunga abantu balelwila K150 waya? Kumonafye nabantu abika, kuti wabula Kampyongo ati Minister of Home Affairs, kuti caba calo? Ba Kaizer inchito ni boasting, (not these ‘dogs’, it used to reside in Chawama and given an opportunity, it wants to explore the world and visit every place, where an invitation is extended to it when people are scrambling for a 25Kg bag of mealie-meal pegged at K150). Can you leave the price of mealie-meal at K150 and you leave the country? You can even see the people he appoints. How do you appoint Kampyongo as a minister of home affairs? Can it be a country? Kaizer; all he does is boasting. Okay guys),” Kambwili said.

In his ruling, Lusaka chief resident magistrate Lameck Mwale said according to the totality of evidence produced by nine witnesses, he was satisfied that a prima facie case had been made out against Kambwili.

“There is overwhelming evidence warranting this court to place the accused on his defence. I hereby find the accused with a case to answer and place him on defence,” ruled magistrate Mwale.

He further explained Kambwili’s rights which the latter would use to defend himself, by either remaining silent, give unsworn evidence, or give evidence on oath.

And Kambwili, who was unrepresented, sought an adjournment to enable him liaise with his lawyers in the manner he would defend himself.

“With leave of the court, I request that I be given time to decide with my lawyers the mode of defence. Most likely I will call witnesses,” said Kambwili.

Magistrate Mwale urged Kambwili to ensure that his lawyers are present at the next sitting as his liberty was at stake and not his lawyers.

Kambwili opens defense on April 20, 2021.

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