As we go into 2026, we will begin handing over – Lungu

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says he will begin handing over in 2026.

After filing in his papers before PF secretary general Davies Mwila in Lusaka for re-election as the ruling party’s presidential candidate, the Head of State advised his possible challengers to wait for their time.

He said those elevating themselves will not make it into leadership.

“As we go into 2026, we will begin handing over. Edgar Lungu and his team will begin handing over because the tour of duty will be coming to an end in 2026. So, we want to see exemplary leaders who will follow the queue of respecting the followers,” he told exuberant PF members at the party headquarters yesterday. “So, batila ati mayo mpapa naine nkakupapa. So balya abaleikusha tabakapite, balya abaleicefya ukufwayo kubombela abantu bakapita. (There’s a common adage that, mother take care of me when I’m young; when I’m grown I will take care of you in your old age. Those who are elevating themselves will not make it. But those who have humbled themselves and are working for the people will make it). So, all of you, I thank you for coming in numbers; this is true solidarity. I humble myself; may God bless you, thank you.”

Earlier, President Lungu advised others to wait for their time.

Citing his own political history, the Head of State advised his challengers to respect followers and wait for their time.

“You are the most important part of our existence as leaders. You need to know that we wouldn’t be here without you; it is very important. My message to all those who want to provide leadership in Zambia between 2021 and 2026 is that, please, remember the people who put us in power,” President Lungu said. “When people say no, they don’t want you, it’s not your time, just wait! The people of Chawama in 2001 when I stood as a candidate, they rejected me. They opted for [Geoffrey] Samukonga or somebody. I kept my time, I waited. 2006, I did not stand in Chawama, I did not stand anywhere but I kept my faith and supported PF. 2011 I became member of parliament in Chawama. The rest is history. So, those of you who are supporting PF now should know that there’s time for everything. And the time for you too is coming but as long as you prove yourself as a worthy leader of the people, you’ll get it.”

He warned the people he would work with between 2021 and 2016 that if they will not be consulting there will be left behind.

“So, I’ll keep it short and simple. Twalavota. Nga batuvotela lyonse tulaicefya, as we campaign ndaicefya. Napakubomba kuicefya pakweba ati probation nga yapwa, nga ulefwaya contract ya new bakubwekeshapo. (We are voting. Whenever we are voted for, we humble ourselves, as we campaign. I humble myself. During public service we should humble ourselves so that when your probation ends, if you want a new contract, they give you),” said President Lungu. “So, mwebanandi mwebo tulebomba naimwe mu PF, mwebo tuleba nenu between 2021 and 2016 nga tamwakaleipusha mukashala (colleagues I’m working with in PF, those I will be with between 2021 and 2026, if you will not be consulting, you will remain). Don’t be surprised, because this party belongs to people. I want to make it clear; no one will be left behind but only if you are irrelevant. If you are irrelevant, you’ll remain behind. There’s always a pecking order, even among animals there’s a pecking order. Kulaba imo ili pa ntanshi ne shilekonka. Nga yafumapo ilya imbi yakonkapo, efyo fyabe fi; even mu bus stop emo baba abene. (There is one which is in front and those following. When it vacates, another one takes over, that is how things work; even in the bus stop there are owners).”

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