PF WORRIED…they haven’t heard from me for a long time – Mukuni

THE PF have not heard from me for a long long time so they want to bring me into their propaganda, says senior chief Mukuni.

Commenting on a social media posting with a headline: ‘God is not the answer for now but HH-chief Mukuni,’ the chief said it has been long since he has spoken.

“At no time have I uttered those words attributed to me by the PF propaganda machine. Whatever I release there is a voice note to it. If there is no voice note then it is not mine,” said Mukuni. “I haven’t spoken for a long time and they (PF) want to bring me into their propaganda schemes. They haven’t heard from me that is why they are worried.”

A story attributed to Mukuni on social media states that while addressing his subjects the chief: ‘Jokingly said that God was not the answer for now, but Hakainde was and will transform Zambia for the better. God is not voting, he doesn’t even have a voters card, it is up to you to encourage others to vote and fight for Hakainde.’

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