SP candidate demands accountability on Mufulira-Mokambo road repair funds

SOCIALIST Party aspiring candidate for Wusakili Constituency Nicholas Mwansa says it is unacceptable for the Mufulira-Mokambo road to remain in its current bad state when funds were released a long time ago.

The Mufulira-Mokambo road which joins the Pedicle Road that cuts through the Democratic Republic of Congo into Chembe in Zambia’s Luapula Province, has literally become impassable as heavy-duty trucks are equally struggling to pass.

The road provides a much shorter alternative into Northern Province through Luapula, but motorists have been forced to use the Kapiri-Serenje route which takes longer to get into the northern part of the country.

Commenting on the damaged road, Mwansa said once is power, the Socialist Party would bring to account whoever was involved in the misuse of funds meant for the construction of the road.

“What happened to the money that was meant for those roads? The works were launched but what happened? Look at how business has been affected by the damage that has happened to the road. No vehicle is passing through that road,” he said. “The Mufulira-Mokambo road is in very bad shape. Small cars can’t pass through the road, vehicles are breaking down. This is why when we take over government as socialists, we will demand accountability and whoever was involved in that project would be made to account and the money will be paid back.”

Mwansa said a lot of business had been affected, later impacting negatively on the economy.

“Look at the bridge, we were promised that they will construct a very strong nice bridge there but go there and see! No vehicle can pass there,” said Mwansa. “This is bad; it has affected business; passenger vehicles can’t pass through that road. We demand answers, that is such an important road to be in such shape when money was released.”

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