Kambwili not yet a PF member – Antonio

MR Kambwili was given the opportunity to speak at the general conference in his capacity as leader of NDC and not as a member of PF, says Antonio Mwanza.

Mwanza, who is PF deputy media director, said Chishimba Kambwili is not yet a PF member as that would only be decided by himself.

He said the PF is dealing with the matter of people rejoining the party case-by-case hence there should be no feeling that others who joined earlier are being put ku wire.

“There is no one who is ku wire. Mr Kambwili was given the opportunity to speak at the national conference in his capacity as leader of NDC and not as member of PF. Mr Kambwili is still the president of NDC, he is not a member of PF and he was invited in his capacity as leader of NDC and that should not be confused with membership,” Mwanza said. “If Mr Kambwili wants to be our member, he will make that decision independently but as far as we are concerned, for now he is still leader of NDC and spoke at the national conference as leader of NDC. We will deal with these matters case by case because these matters are not the same. They are different, they are unique and everybody who is involved must be patient as the central committee will treat each one fairly because we know that the constitution is the guiding document and every case shall be dealt with in accordance…there will be no one who will be treated unfairly, that we would like to assure.”

And Mwanza said the purported controversy of President Edgar Lungu’s eligibility to run for the third time only exists in the heads of those who have run out of ideas of how to pull down the Head of State.

He said some people are using the issue of eligibility as a distraction to hoodwink the people of Zambia, to make them believe that President Lungu is running for the third term when in fact not.

“I want to re-emphasise that the court document is a free document and encourage our people to go and read it. This story of the eligibility of the President is dead matter and moving forward now that the national conference elected the members of the central committee, the president now has a task of making appointments,” said Mwanza. “He has to appoint 24 committee chairpersons. There are 24 central committee sub-committees of the central committee including committee on health, labour, agriculture, youth and all these other portfolios that we have at national level who will superintend on implementation of our party policies in those particular portfolios. Secondly, the president will also in the coming few days have a task of appointing the vice-president of the party and the deputy secretary general of the party, national chairperson for the party and those 24 committee chairpersons. So he has a very busy few days.”

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