LET’S HELP KAMBWILI…to recover from his embarrassment – Musenge

MWENYA Musenge says embattled NDC president Chishimba Kambwili should be forgiven and helped to recover from his embarrassment.

However, Musenge said he doubts if the apology to President Edgar Lungu and Lusaka Businessman Valden Findley is genuine.

In an interview, Musenge said Kambwili should also apologise to him for the many lies he said about him.

He said Kambwili should speak to the Zambian people because he stepped on the toes of many people.

“… let us bear with him and help him to recover from his embarrassment. I am sure with serious reflection he has learnt a lesson. On my part I have forgiven him for all the dirt he poured on me and have moved on quietly reflecting on my political future. But he needs to speak to the Zambian people. Even me, I am injured with what he said. The lies he showered on me that I was getting money from people,” Musenge said. “For his utterances, he needs to reflect. There are a lot of people he stepped on. The genuine thing is for him to address the nation.”

He said the apology by Kambwili to President Lungu and Lusaka businessman Findley is for a specific reason.

“If you look at the apology to President Lungu and Mr Findley, he just mentioned one thing, forgetting other issues he said against the President. In other matters he embarrassed the President and brought his name in shame,” Musenge said. “It is unfortunate that the Zambian people find it very difficult to accept his apology if it is genuine or for the cases that he is facing…”

Musenge said Kambwili should find the courage to ask for forgiveness from him.

He said it does not make sense for a sinner to ask for forgiveness for one sin only.

“Hope he finds the courage to engage me for the differences and apologise to me. He accused me a lot for the party that I singlehandedly formed. Even in the Christian circles, when one sins, we don’t pray and ask for forgiveness for one sin. We ask to be forgiven for all other sins,” Musenge said. “You don’t confess one sin and forget other sins. As long as he is applying double standards and coming out in piecemeal, he will not be taken seriously.”

He has further advised Kambwili that as he seeks forgiveness, he should not take new battles.

“As Chishimba Kambwili moves on this reconciliation with people he injured and seeking forgiveness, he should avoid starting other battles,” Musenge said.

He said it does not make sense for Kambwili to ask for forgiveness from others while he starts to attacking others.

“It will not go well for him to start attacking Hakainde Hichilema or any opposition players. Hakainde Hichilema as an opposition leader, and the UPND, have extremely done well to provide checks and balances to the government. Hakainde Hichilema is one strong opposition leader who has stood to provide checks and balances in the interests of the Zambian people. He deserves respect. President Lungu is President for Zambia and PF and he deserves respect,” said Musenge. “I hope Zambians have learnt a lesson that politics of insults and assassination do not pay. What we need is to fight together and end poverty. We should not be beggars as a country.”

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