Tutwa formally complains against Kabwe cops for alleged harassment

PF Kabwe Central member of parliament Tutwa Ngulube has formally complained to Central Province Commissioner of Police Chola Katanga about harassment being perpetuated against him by police officers in Kabwe district.

He pointed out that it was unfortunate that the harassment he had been subjected to had been extended to his professional assistant Thandizho Banda in his National Assembly Kabwe Central Constituency office.

“My office writes to your office sir to formally complain against continued police harassment on me as Member of Parliament for Kabwe Central Constituency. The latest of the many instances of police harassment on me under the command of Kabwe District Officer Commanding Mr Lemekani Chirwa happened today 10th April 2021 at Nkrumah University during the Patriotic Front General Conference when Mr Chirwa instructed his officers to hound me out of the conference hall, for unknown reasons shortly after my name was announced as a newly ratified member of the Patriotic Front Central Committee; something which almost disrupted the smooth flow of the conference. It is unfortunate that this intolerance by the police was also extended to my Professional Assistant Mr Thandizo Banda, who was accused of filming the conference deliberations in full view of senior Patriotic Front members, when in fact not,” Ngulube’s letter seen by this reporter, reads.

He lamented that he had suffered harassment at the hands of Zambia Police officers in his constituency.

“Mr Chirwa has on many other occasions attempted to stop me from engaging the people in Kabwe Central Constituency on the pretext of enforcing the Public Order Act. As if this is not enough, Mr Chirwa on 14th February 2021 led a troop of police officers to forcefully disrupt a community engagement I was having with the people of Magandanyama settlement simply because the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) was having their party convention at VK Motel,” he charged. “These and many other incidents have left me with no option but to officially raise a complaint against the police in Kabwe District in general and Mr Lemekani Chirwa in particular, because they have all happened during his stay at the helm of the Zambia Police Kabwe District. I hope and trust that my complaint will receive the attention it deserves.”

During the just ended PF convention that was held at Kabwe’s Kwame Nkhrumah University, some police officers entered the conference hall and hounded out Ngulube immediately his name was announced among those selected to the PF central committee.

The action resulted into an altercation between the Kabwe Central lawmaker and police officers.

Ngulube was later seen emerging from the conference hall with fellow lawmaker Sydney Mushanga, who is also Central Province minister.

The two lawmakers later had a five-minute conversation and they walked back into the conference hall.

At this juncture, Ngulube turned round and warned Zambia Police officers that were trying to hound him out of the conference that if they continued harassing him, he would be left without any option but to resort to a physical fight.

“Utu tu police officer utu natutumpa sana (these little police officers have become stupid). They have been harassing me since 2015…you have been following me wherever I go each time I am in the constituency; as though I am a thief. I don’t steal…I am not a criminal,” said Ngulube. “One day tukafumyapo isukulu, tukafumyapo ifya ma jacket, tukafumyapo ifya bu lawyer, tukaiponona (one day we will remove civility, jackets, lawyer title and we will fight)!!

The Kabwe Central lawmaker copied his letter to home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo, Central Province minister Sydney Mushanga, Central Province permanent secretary Bernard Chomba, and Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja.

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