THE ENDING WILL BE BAD …the measure you use to treat others will also be used on you, warns Bishop Chisala

BISHOP Timothy Chisala says the PF has created a monster of cadres who are above the law.

The overseer of All Nations Church said it is extremely difficult to discipline PF cadres because they have blessings from President Edgar Lungu.

At its 19:30 hours news on Tuesday, KBN TV reported a story where PF cadres harassed controller of government transport Shelly Chatugwa at her office – Ministry of Works and Supply in Lusaka.

They accused her of being a UPND supporter, an allegation she fervently denied, even by swearing upon God.

The scruffy PF cadres daringly dragged her to Kalonde’s office.

Kalonde sat in silence and looked on as the rude cadres threatened Chatugwa right in front of him.

On Wednesday, Dr Miti issued a statement directing his deputy, Patrick Kangwa, to discipline Kalonde for not protecting Chatugwa from PF cadres.

“The permanent secretary was evidently helpless and allowed his member of staff to be harassed in his presence without recourse to that trespass on his office and subsequent misconduct by the purported cadres who had no legal basis for such conduct in a government office,” stated Dr Miti.

But Bishop Chisala said there is a serious break down in the rule of law in the country.

“Instead, the issue here is about the power that cadres have, especially the PF ones. The PS is also a cadre who is so scared of his job and will do anything, to illegality, in the name of protecting his job. But this is not something which is strange. President Edgar Lungu has created all this. Let us go back to the genesis of thuggery in PF. The coming of President Lungu was by force and he is using the same force to govern,” Bishop Chisala said. “When you look at all these things, the cadres are doing all this in the name of ‘we are working with the boss. We won’t allow the boss to be insulted’. So it is clear that in the name of protecting the boss, cadres are doing all these evil acts to please the boss. And who is the boss? It is President Lungu.”

He said one day the monsters will beat the ‘boss’.

Bishop Chisala said the PF has promoted lawlessness in the name of hanging on to power.

“If it means to use these same cadres, they will do it. Let me tell you that nothing will happen to these cadres. What they did was a directive from their so-called bosses. So they will not be taken anyway or any action be taken. It is a closed chapter. They have achieved what they wanted, to intimidate the civil servants,” charged Bishop Chisala. “But the ending will be very bad. Remember the measure you use to treat others will also be used on you. Everything under the sun has its end day.”

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