Vendors and marketeers body calls for respect

THE Association of Vendors, Traders and Marketeers of Zambia (AVTMZ) says it will only work with leaders that respect the informal sector.

AVTMZ president Fredrick Tembo said time has come for vendors and marketeers to be respected.

Tembo said the informal sector plays a critical role in growing the economy of the country hence the need for leaders to respect the sector.

He said this when AVTMZ took up the cleaning of the central business district in Ndola with Ndola Central aspiring candidate Joseph Chilinda.

“We want to pledge the support of the Association to leaders who have the interest of the marketeers at heart. This is a serious sector that needs to be respected. We can’t have leaders who will keep insulting us just because we sell in the market and the streets,” Tembo said.

He observed that maintaining cleanliness in markets is cardinal for the marketeers as it is considered to be their gold mines where their source of livelihood depends.

And Chilinda urged marketeers to embrace the culture of cleanliness to help prevent communicable diseases.

Chilinda said it was important for traders to ensure hygiene was promoted in trading places as it was not only politically right but also for the good health of both the traders and consumers.

He said Zambia like other countries across the globe have not been spared from the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic hence the need to maintain high standards of hygiene.

“We are working with AVTMZ here in the central business district to ensure our trading places are clean and this will inspire other traders to do the same programme that President Edgar Lungu initiated in order to keep our country clean, green and healthy,” Chilinda said.

He said the campaign to keep Zambia clean, green and healthy was beneficial to both the traders and consumers.

Chilinda pledged to work closely with the informal sector once given a chance to serve the people of Ndola Central.

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