Chaile demands lifting of visa suspension to Zambians by China

RADICAL Revolutionary Party president Vincent Chaile has written to the Chinese Embassy demanding it lifts the suspension of issuing of visas to Zambians.

In his letter to the Chinese Ambassador, Chaile said China’s decision that Zambian citizens should not be allowed to fly or set foot in China in the name of COVID-19, when their citizens are freely allowed to do business in Zambia without any restrictions is the worst form of injustice.

“Dear Sir, referring to your comments on the United States’ statements on Zambia’s debt which appeared on official website on 2018/12/20, your Embassy through your office assured us that Africa, China always follows the principles of sincerity, real results, amity and good faith and upholding “justice” while pursuing shared interests. Sir we write to your office to show displeasure of the worst injustice of 21st Century towards our Zambian citizens, especially business community who depend on travelling to China for business purposes,” Chaile said.

He noted that today when one looks at the immigration statistics or visits the Lusaka International Airport they would witness that Chinese citizens are flying in and out of Zambia in huge numbers freely, without any restrictions or harassment and any kind of quarantine as per health guidelines.

“Your office has suspended issuing of visas indefinitely to us Zambians and none of the Zambian citizens is allowed to fly or step a foot in China in the name of COVID-19, when your citizens are freely allowed to do business here without any restrictions. Where is fairness? Does it mean that it is only Chinese people to do business in Zambia freely and Zambians not to do business in China?” he asked. “Sir, if Zambia was a COVID-19 warzone or as deadly as portrayed by the media, we don’t think you would have been allowing your citizens to come here in Zambia in huge numbers for any kind of business.”

Chaile said the fact that China was allowing its citizens to come to Zambia was a clear indication that the country is a safe zone and that local citizens are also safe to travel to China for business purposes without any risk.
“Sir, we hope that your office will treat this matter raised above with urgency it deserves,” said Chaile.

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