Wind of change driven by PAC is coming silently – Andyford

THE People’s Alliance for Change presidential candidate Andyford Banda has declared that his party is the most reliable alternative to take office in this year’s general election because of its clear and selfless visionary leadership.

Igniting the party’s ‘wind of change’ mobilisation strategy in Mufulira on Sunday, Banda said PAC has so far managed to penetrate at grassroots level countrywide while other parties are busy politicking about their relevance and fighting over popularity in areas they hold no ground.

Speaking when he met PAC district leaders on the Copperbelt, Banda urged the party to intensify its mobilisation strategy, mission and vision in readiness for the August 12 general election.

“As party elects strategic leadership structures across the country in line with its constitution. PAC has a simple and straightforward strategy that has been proven to work and produce results. Come August this year, we are very confident that we are going to make history,” he said. “PAC is on the ground interacting with the people, learning their challenges and frustrations as we teach them how to silently drive a revolution that gives people hope for a better tomorrow.”

Banda outlined how “easy” it would be for the PAC government to improve Zambia’s economy from the current junk status, with emphasis on realistic job creation, appropriate land administration and fair empowerment distribution for the people.

And the Copperbelt provincial leaders applauded the PAC strategy for this year’s elections and assured Banda of its successful implementation.

“The wind of change is coming and it is being driven by the PAC movement. It’s coming silently but be rest assured it’s coming strong and is leaving no man behind. Lives are being touched, camps are being switched and PAC is growing by the minute,” Banda said.

He said as it stands, PAC is the best, safe and reliable alternative political party to take office this year owing to its clear, selfless interests and clear vision for all.

Banda has been on a countrywide strategic mobilisation programme ahead of the August 12 general elections.

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