Zambian politics have been commercialised, laments Leadership Movement

THE Leadership Movement says Zambian politics have been commercialised.

In a statement, the opposition Leadership Movement media director Lonely Tatila observed that the exorbitant fees being charged by certain political parties were making it expensive for individuals aspiring for political positions to afford.

He explained that it was for this reason that the Leadership Movement had decided not to demand for payments from aspiring candidates at all levels.

And Tatila called for decent politics as the country heads towards the August 12 general elections.

He pointed out that of late Zambian politics had been characteriwed with hooliganism.

Tatila explained that the Leadership Movement was committed to ensuring that its party members practice politics devoid of hooliganism.

He stressed that there was need to change the narrative in modern politics.

“We have noted with deep concern the continued hooliganism being perpetuated by party cadres from certain political parties. As Leadership Movement, under the leadership of Dr Richard Silumbe, we are committed to ensuring that our party members across the country practice politics devoid of hooliganism. That politics is archaic and should not be allowed in this day and era. In modern politics, particularly in a democratic dispensation, we need to change that narrative,” Tatila said.

He further stated that once it forms government, the Leadership Movement would ensure that indigenous Zambians were economically empowered through its various empowerment programmes, as enshrined in its manifesto.

“Even when we are in opposition, we have demonstrated our commitment to uplifting the Zambian people’s lives. We have empowered women groups with income generating activities; we have empowered the youths with income generating activities. And we want to put it on record that the Leadership Movement, under the leadership of Dr Richard Silumbe, will continue on this trajectory,” stated Tatila. “Other than that, we want to ensure that the Zambian people are empowered with our titled land ownership programme, we want to ensure that the indigenous Zambians running businesses are given tax rebates so that they can also compete favourably in the business industry in this modern business world.”

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