Lungu is a democrat, desires a free Zambia – Kamba

KENNEDY Kamba says the PF manifesto speaks to people’s wishes.

He also describes President Edgar Lungu as a democrat who desires to have a free Zambia where the rule of law prevails.

Last Tuesday, President Edgar Lungu launched the revised ruling party manifesto at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka.

Kamba said the document was also pro-poor in all its content.

“The PF’s pursuit for a better Zambia has been undoubted. President Lungu’s hard work has propelled the transformation of the country and the future is in the newly launched manifesto,” he said in a statement. “We have no doubt that this pro-poor manifesto will be supported by all Zambians by voting for President Lungu and the PF come August 2021. When you go through the manifesto, it speaks to the wishes of the people in this dynamic world and it also highlights where we are coming as a nation, the successes we have scored and the challenges faced on the way.”

And Kamba added that the manifesto has recommitted the party and government to values of good governance, among others.

He said the manifesto “is an inspiring document that largely speaks a pro-poor language for majority Zambians”.

“It is a simple document that cannot be compared to any other manifesto. While the UPND is busy doing copy and paste from documents written by the West, busy launching some ideologies that do not benefit Zambians, the PF manifesto has brought out issues based on clear conscience and truth,” Kamba added. “The PF manifesto has simply highlighted the desire and commitment of the party to values of good governance, respecting civil liberties of all human beings, transparency and accountability in the running of national affairs and adherence to the rule of law.”

He described President Lungu as a democrat, adding that “his desire is to have a free Zambia where the rule of law prevails”.

“He has lived up to these values and he is working towards upholding the integrity and liberties of every human being. You will not find these values in the character and indeed in the manner those opposition leaders run their parties,” Kamba said.

“Central to the agenda of the PF is to deliver much more infrastructure development to all corners and across Zambia. Our intentions as a party are clear. Today Lusaka is a different site all together with the much-needed modern infrastructure being constructed all over. Talk about public infrastructure such as the decongestion programme where we have seen flyovers being done, state-of-the-art hospitals, houses for men and women in uniform and indeed water development through the provision of clean and safe drinking water.”

He said the same was happening in all parts of the country.

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