Lusambo fingered in PF cadre’s assault of female civil servant case

PATRIOTIC Front cadre Charles Kakula has implicated Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo in his attack on a civil servant Shelly Chatungwa whom he threatened to burn on allegations that she was a UPND supporter.

Kakula has however been fined K12,000 by the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court for assaulting and threatening violence against Chatungwa and for trespassing on government offices, in default serve nine months imprisonment.

In a video that circulated on social media, Kakula, in the company of his fellow cadres and the media, hounded Chatungwa out of her office and took her to the office of the permanent secretary Lenox Kalonde, demanding that she be removed from employment for supporting the UPND.

The 24-year-old, who is a medical records clerk in the Ministry of Health, was facing three counts of threatening violence, common assault and criminal trespass, which he admitted before magistrate Faidess Hamaundu.

Kakula on April 13, 2021 jointly and whilst acting together with unknown persons threatened violence to Chatungwa when he said, ” I will burn you within the office.”

In the second count, Kakula, on the same date, whilst acting with others unknown, unlawfully assaulted Chatungwa.

Kakula also entered on the premises of the Ministry of Works and Supply with intent to commit a felony.

Facts were that on the material day, Chatungwa received a phone call from Kakula, who asked her about her whereabouts and she told him she was in her office.

Chatungwa asked the caller for his identity but Kakula did not disclose his name and instead told her that he got her phone number from Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo.

She asked the stranger to go to her office if he wanted to see her and a few minutes later, Chatungwa received a call from a Mr Zyambo, a messenger at her work place, who informed her that she had visitors who were waiting for her at the gate.

Chatungwa asked Zyambo to allow them in and immediately the cadres had access to the premises they stormed her office.

Kakula and his accomplices ordered Chatungwa to accompany them to Kalonde’s office and she complied.

The cadres dragged Chatungwa to Kalonde’s office, which they entered without permission.

Upon forcing their way into the office, Kakula grabbed Chatungwa and forced her to sit down whilst pointing a finger at her and threatened to beat her up.

Kakula, in the presence of the Kalonde, harassed Chatungwa whilst accusing her of being a UPND cadre.

The convict was recorded on camera threatening to burn and kill Chatungwa if she ever went back to her office.
Kakula who had locked Chatungwa’s office handed over the keys to the PS and advised him not to allow her to access to the office.

The matter was later reported to Kabwata police station by the permanent secretary.

During warn and caution statement, Kakula voluntarily admitted to the charges.

Magistrate Hamaundu found him guilty as charged and convicted him.

In his mitigation, the repentant Kakula begged for the court’s mercy and vowed not to behave in such a manner.

“I ask for forgiveness. I will not repeat what I did. I am a Christian, I don’t know what was using me,” Kakula said.

He told the court that one of his parents was confined to a wheel chair and he had eight dependants and that he has adopted two children in Chingola who depend on him for survival.

“I have intentions to further my studies and I an employed. If you take me to jail, I will lose my job. I ask for maximum leniency,” prayed the humble Kakula.

In her judgment, magistrate Hamaundu said Kakula’s conduct in a government office was uncalled for.
She said if he was aggrieved about Chatungwa’s involvement in politics as a civil servant, he should have lodged his complaint to a superior government officer, but chose to take the law into your own hands.

“I have taken note that the convict did not waste the court’s time and the offences he committed are misdemeanors. I will exercise leniency. In count one I fine you K6000, in default six months imprisonment. Count two K3000, in default six months imprisonment. Count three K3000 in default six months imprisonment,” ordered magistrate Hamaundu.

“The sentence will run concurrently. The convict will serve the highest term of nine months in prison.”/SM

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